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Buy and. Care for an animal Live a hedonistic lifestyle zero fukks Find the girl of your dreams and live life making her happy
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Does anyone have pets? What Pets?
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Ok so I've had a sprained ankle for about 5 hours now.I looked it up and it said that I have a first degree sprained ankle(which means it has mild pain and hardly no swelling).I really want to know how long would my ankle be sprained?cuz I'm on...
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who is the prienier of ontario
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a banshee is a ghoast and a car in gta 3 and mostly in world of warcraft. and in minecraft they say a ghost named herobrine has appered and killed them i might call him a banshee,but other people won't.banshees aren't real mostly they are women
posted by samuel993: 1 question(s) / 1 answer(s)
My sister brought me 2 baby dwarf hamsters and said they are 14 days old. I am feeding them milk and bread in leu of a water bottle, plus sunflower seeds, peanuts, greens. Their eyes are open and they are quite active.
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