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How do you stay present with each wife and each child when you are with one person?
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Why does Cody feels his genetic material should be replicated so many times?
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Ok so I'm 12 (almost 13) and I have recently developed a crush on a celebrity my age, and I really want to meet him. The problem is that there is no way I can go to Hollywood or where ever he is (I live in Oklahoma) because of my parents. I know...
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On 5/25/13 my young brother in law was taken from us in a violent way he was down visiting from college and at a gathering and a monster came in and took his life Father's Day is coming up and so is his bday my father in law asked that on 6/20/13...
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Are we existential?
posted by sgibson12: 1 question(s) / 1 answer(s)
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If you press enter a bunch of times on an online voting poll that allows you to vote endlessly after entering a code, does it generate more votes? I tried another poll without the codes on the same website and held the enter key down and it...
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