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Let's face it, many of the interesting and needed internet things were already invented and successfully put on the market. Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, PayPal, Wikipedia, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, and many other websites and services basically...
posted by Nitro: 4 question(s) / 3 answer(s)
3 answer(s)
Can anyone suggest me a trustworthy place to buy an unlocked iPhone here in the United States? I would like to use it here with my prepaid T-Mobile without getting tied down to an AT&T contract and also in Russia and in China. I don't need the...
posted by Andrei: 2 question(s) / 1 answer(s)
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If you press enter a bunch of times on an online voting poll that allows you to vote endlessly after entering a code, does it generate more votes? I tried another poll without the codes on the same website and held the enter key down and it...
posted by 85delila: 1 question(s) / 0 answer(s)