About Us

MegaScopes is a web portal that was created with a simple, but rather BIG idea in mind - to give people a knowledge base they can actually use. With our database, you can post questions, answer other people's questions, present ideas and give advice. You choose how you'd like to participate in this website, using our intuitive interface. We've simplified the site as much as possible so that everything can be done in steps. For example, you can search our knowledge base without logging in. However, if you would like to post an idea, ask or answer a question, you must be a registered user and logged in. The web site will ask you to enter your information or create an account if it is your first time registering, but if you prefer, you can login or register without a reminder. You may fill out all available fields or opt to enter the minimum required information. If we need more details later on, we’ll ask you in a separate communication.

Note: As you search through the knowledge base, pay attention to the currently opened category, because every search starts from the basic opened category and gets increasingly specific from there. For example, if you are in the very root of the category tree, you can find items belonging to all categories, however, if you are in the health category, you will find items relating to health and all sub-categories only. There is also an option to search solely by title, description, or both. In the Q&A section, you may choose to view only answered or unanswered questions - or both. For more details, please review the 'How it Works' section.