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Interest and ideas in renewablke energy. Specifically solar. wind and thermal electric generation.
Code of honor
Flexible sensor
Squeezing cells to get the drugs in
Artificial ACL is a new hope for injured athletes
Tracking sleep disorders with smartphones
Glasses that give color to the colorblind
Converting water into fuel
System to prevent accidental needle pricks
Micro needles will deliver medications to the eye
Park bench that rotates to a dry seat
Skin patch to prevent diabetic amputations
Vibrating insoles to reduce falls
Bump mark to check for freshness by feel
Vision implants to replace reading glasses
e-ink card
Fancied Media- conceived by the imagination | Web Design | SEO
Early warning system to help prevent battery explosions
Shopping Place
Eko attachment will bring new electronics to standard stethoscopes
Wearable device to treat psoriasis with light
Smart mug
Skin-like device to monitor heart health
Leash to prevent dog-walk collisions
Home anemia test
Chip strap that harvests energy while you chew
System to monitor tire pressure in real-time
Sorting cells with sound
System to track bacteria in real-time
Theft-proof bike
3D thermal scanner to diagnose diseases
Andriod smartphone without inbuilt SIM card Slot . ( Inbuilt virtual SIM card features )
Recycling tires into better batteries
Detecting malaria with magnets
Sorting plastics with light
Transparent solar panels will capture invisible light
Nanosheet to prevent burn infections
Thin-film technique to deliver a steady drug release
Protective personal airbag
Shirt that detects seizures and calls the doctor
Digital system that reads graphs to the blind
Boosting spray-on solar efficiency
Nicotine patch that delivers personalized doses
Sleep sensor
Blood test for cancer
Saving energy with echolocation system
Device to help prevent alcohol-related accidents
Software program that won't let your mind wander
Injectable foam to seal difficult wounds
Sensing umbrella to monitor air pollution
Device that capture hot water to warm cold water
Bag that inflates to protect fragile devices
Smart listening system to improve normal hearing
Smart bra will detect tumors by body heat
Wound bandage made of human skin
Implanted sensor to monitor glaucoma
Individualized heat-tracking system
Vibrating vest to guide the visually impaired
Smart bike concept
Laser therapy to encourage tooth repair
Electrical stimulation will allow paraplegics to walk again
Artificial skylights
Portable personal wind turbine
New technique to prevent rust
Nanogel that heals burns faster
Pure towel concept
Beetle-inspired ATM theft deterrent
Self-healing plastic based on bio-mechanics
Seatower turbine platform
Warning of impending asthma attack
Vibrating capsule will treat constipation without drugs
Device to deter bike thieves by disabling steering
Bio-Plastic that degrades in two weeks
Dual-frequency ultrasound to predict strokes
Pen that lets users doodle in the air
Pocket molecular sensor
Rain house
Disease-detecting breathalyzer
Adhesive solution to replace stitches
Device to keep an eye on luggage
Desktop assistant will help promote better habits
Body dryer
Deflecting earthquakes with acoustic waves
System to keep surgical areas cleaner
System to harnesses the energy of rainwater
Handles that simplify hand sanitation
Skin patch to monitor patients and dispense drugs
Identifying insects with laser beams
Device that let users see radiation
Acoustic cloaking device will hide objects from sound waves
Bracelet that will bring sound effects to life
Headband that stimulates nerves to prevent migraines
Blood test that predicts Alzheimer's
Magnets to guide self-driving cars
Ear-worn PC controlled by facial movements
Wearable device will replace dialysis machines
i-port will eliminates the need for multiple insulin injection sites
Laser system that identifies salmonella faster
Smart skis know where the wax goes
Dry erase notebooks could last a lifetime
Paper-based cancer test
Polymer that could charge phones with car vibrations
Electric glove will improve sense of touch
Skier airbag
Sensor that signals a wet diaper
Body odor bBiometric ID
Inkless pen that writes forever
Microfluidic device that analyzes tissues and speeds biopsies
Multi-material color 3D printer
Case that lets you take calls with the case closed
Stethoscope that features visual display and heart murmur indicator
Implant that monitors the levels of medication in the bloodstream
Nanoparticles will reduce heart attack damage
Glucose-monitoring contact lens
Light-activated smart curtains
Next generation of wearable device
Mood enhancing light bulbs
Detecting malaria with sound
Cassette adapter Bluetooth
Device to alert ice fishers to bites
Smart thermometer that entertains kids
Solar powered tags to track sharks
Snow foldable helmet
Tagged sharks will send Twitter alerts
New inhaler
Fitness shirt that optimizes workouts
Non-invasive forehead thermometer
Heat generating knee pad
Device to identify ingredients in food
Hand prosthesis with a sense of touch
Air purifying bike concept
Laser light will boost flu shot effectiveness
Kit stickers to track medication doses
Better lasers
Smart sensor will personalize home lighting
Bottle to turn tap water to chemical-free sanitizer
Harnessing energy from noise
Creating Electricity from Passing Traffic
Bricks built from brewing grains
Remote controlled booster shot
Shower that recycles water while you wash
Sign language ring to translate for the hearing
Detecting disease with bees
LED-equipped carpet
Solar powered sunglasses
Sleep bracelet will promote natural sleep
Multi-modal vehicle
Body dryer will replace towels
Microphone throat tattoo patented
Device to track egg freshness and number
Fiber tape
Dolphin-inspired radar
Dragonfly-inspired turbine
Folding pen mouse will shift from mouse to stylus
Vision-boosting system
Micro water sensor
Digital cutting board
New patent product for whiteboard surface
Algae lamp that absorbs CO2 as it glows
Ring that translates text to braille
Bin that separates recyclables by sound
Chemical sensor that will track health through breath
App to find parking spaces
Electropak that will take a charge on the road
Ankle-worn robotic assist boot
Weaving muscles from spider silk
Solar energy bucket that holds water and the sun's rays
USB condom protects data theft
Brain tumor imaging technique
Self-administered flu vaccine
Scrubbing CO2 with bird lungs
Painless, easier, microneedle tuberculosis test
Smart sock for infants
Night view to identify animals on the road
Water purifier
Kid-friendly pen for insulin injections
Safe handles
Bottle that makes seawater safe to drink
Voice translating device
Self-Healing solar cell inspired by leaves
System to help prevent bedsores
Grassy keyboard to soothe office doldrums
Solar powered rescue watercraft
Better artificial ear
Bed bug trap
Detecting turbulence for smoother flights
Harvesting hydrogen with sun and mirrors
Handy salt meter
Flexible glass will improve green energy storage
Creating comfortable wearable electronics
Creating electricity from carbon dioxide
Kite patch will hide humans from mosquitoes
Tooth-embedded sensor to help break bad habits
Touchscreen that identifies fingerprints
Wetsuits to deter shark attacks
Facial blood vessel security scan
Earbuds that will monitor cranial pressure non-invasively
Flexible sensors for better sensing artificial skin
Coffee socks offer new heat and odor defense
Self-powered locking system
Hybrid wind/current generator
Portable cardiovascular monitoring
Contact lenses that can give you telescopic vision
Detecting diseases with a drop of blood
Crop-inspecting robot
Device to send the sun where you want it
Non-invasive blood pressure watch
Breathalyzer watch
Motorcycle helmet with navigation display
Take on solar charging screens
Carbon negative gasoline alternative
Treating aneurysms with expanding foam
Wristband that improves emotional health
Gold nanorods may lead to reversible male contraceptive
Tagging intruders with DNA
Real-time digital signpost
The Magical food maker
The smart mirror
Suit that lets gamers feel the action
Scab inspired bandage
Password pill
Device to keep cyclists cool
Bike light that illuminates bumps and holes
Concrete wind turbines
Bulletproof paint made from rice
Drones to study tornadoes
Improved transport monitor
Creating paper circuits
Magnetism-based helmet to detect brain injuries
Building bone from clay
Generating energy from water pressure
Artificial trees to remove CO2 from the air
Wind turbine with funnels
CPR that teaches precise compressions
Window socket solar-powered outlet
Tiny robots that help prevent blindness
Harvesting energy from photosynthesis
Lens that will read paper documents aloud
Electron beams to kill bacteria in oysters
Goggle-worn heartbeat indicator
Cheap alternative to touchscreens
Street lamp design to reduce light pollution
Detachable pedal-powered generator
Roof-mounted solar panels that follow the sun
Glowing nanoparticles to detect contaminated
Solar collector
Hybrid solar system
HDlive ultrasound for a better look at early life
Turning cellphones to walkie-talkies
Bandage that plumps when wet
Turning paper to touchscreens
Most efficient warm-light LED
Printing computers with chiplets
Brainwave passwords
Tiny chip sequences DNA in one hour
Extracting hydrogen from plants
Breathprint to indicate diseases
Plasma treatment could lead to better bone implants
Fully automatic asthma inhaler
Audio map to guide visually impaired users
Software that detects concussions by analyzing the voice
Vibrating helmet to guide firefighters
Lifesaving drones
Smart bracelet to monitor hand washing
Plant-based gel that halts bleeding
Burn dressing that glows to indicate infection
Foldable wheelchair wheel to ease transport
Device to monitor bike location
Cost effective cooling system for newborns with HIE
Personal blood laboratory implant
RoboBees to pollinate crops
Smart basketball
Wearable patch for pain relief
Device for better back health
Health monitor for cars
Smart jacket to keep an eye on arctic workers
Remote control for bike computers
Digital nurse assistant
Device to correct scoliosis with gradual ratcheting
Helmet that features turn signals
Bicycle light
Holograms that let firefighters see through fire
Making tires from dandelions
Finger-worn mouse
Plastic from pine sap
Waist-worn exercise enhancer
Portable dialysis machine
Bottle charger to charge cell phones with boiling water
Vibrobelt that encourages cyclists in the right direction
Airbag system for speed skiers
Hand-held scanner to detect brain trauma
Digital pen that helps kids learn to write
Electric signals to locate tumors
Adapter to make Apple products accessible
Hydration pack for skiers
New umbrella design
Progressive optics mirror to eliminate blind spot
Compact sunglasses
Speeding hybrid wing production
Using magnets to grow better lung tissue
Cotton that collects water from fog
Self-healing, stretchable wire
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Creating artificial photosythesis
Shocking alarm clock
Patch that fights migraines through the skin
Vibrating steering wheel to help keep glare-blind drivers straight
Bike lock kickstand
Bone conduction implant that replaces middle ear
Cloud making machine
Brush that tracks tooth brushing habits
Waterproof hearing aid
Hands that illuminates remaining germs
Extreme dieting device
New way for storing data
Waterproof player integrated earbuds
Device to track plants' needs
Pool-cleaning robot
Flashlight that works with different batteries
New way to sterilize devices
Smart romper to protects against SIDS
Bone implants made of wood
Multipurpose iPhone case
QR-tagged clothes for those who hate shopping
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Super stretchy conductive cables
Device that lets cyclists be heard
Biological concrete
System to monitor the air around you
Pocket-sized chip screens for fifty biomarkers at once
Solar snowboard
Electronic corset aids in rehabilitation
Wheel of filters spins Lo-Fi images
Help sensors see
Airbags for smartphones
Supporting skin scaffold for younger skin
Gel to prevent heart attacks
Porcupine quills to help patients heal
Injectable foam to stop internal bleeding
Building batteries from plant roots
Application that lets you see people at your door
Contact lens that features curved LCD
Scratch resistant plastic to replace glass
Spinning contraceptives with nanofibers
Temporary tattoos to monitor sweat
Spray-on waterproof coating
New way to locate lost objects
Multi-tool for rescues
Air umbrella with no moving parts
Prosthetic eye that lets a patient see braille
Bed linens that help reduce bed sores
Glasses that help prevent jet lag
Speaker equipped shower head
Bag that charges gadgets
Paper for fruits and vegetables
Smart thermometer
Umbrella to handle winds
Saving sight with corneal cells
Jellyfish device to captures cancer cells
Smart insole to help correct limps
Device to let scuba divers communicate underwater
Floating Aeroballs that clean the air
Wi-Fi SD cards
Credit card that let users key in password
Headset that leaves paramedics' hands free
Ceiling fan with no blades
Powering devices with the ear's batteries
Bladeless wind turbine
Jacket that carries your load
Inflatable plugs to prevent subway floods
Self-healing concrete
Eye-controlled data glasses
Extracting metals from wastewater
Energy return wheel that needs no air
Easy way to read HIV test
Lens for iPhones
Detecting diseases through saliva
Paper-based blood test
Kinetic charger turns motion to power
Chewing gum for motion sickness
Mattress sensor that reads and transmits patient vitals
Stair-climbing wheelchair
Bandages for burned tongues
Smartphone-controlled insulin delivery
Sutures that need no knots
Magic finger that turns shirts to touchscreens
Continuous cardiac monitor
Bra that provides early breast cancer detection
Password system controlled by a glance
Underwater exercise cycle
Hands-free suitcase
Recycling concrete with lightning
Wound dressing that changes as you heal
Bicycle that uses no chains or gears
Sugar powered batteries
Bone press to simplify spinal fusions
Key chain sized night vision cam
New data storage device
Instant bike lane
Door-free refrigerator to save energy
Self-inflating tires
Wrist-worn rear view mirror
Five-bevel needle eases pain
Application to check your lungs
Light changing Wi-Fi controlled bulb
Sunglasses for color blind
Boiling water without bubbles
Watch that sends smartphone alerts
Salt water-powered lamp
Device to monitor IV doses
Wearable glucose sensor
Folding bicycle helmet
Life Light lifesaver
House that creates excess energy
Mobile system to monitor patients
New liquid-cooled light bulb
Wave Glider to improve marine life tracking
Diagnosing the brain by looking at the eye
Dog collar that warns of heat exhaustion
Stethoscope for hard-of-hearing physicians
Camera for blood test
Fishing rod that transforms to walking stick
Using waves to find leaks
Ingestible sensors
Thin film to detect landmines
Automatic fruit grader
Mouse to reduce wrist pain
Treating sunken chest with magnets
Interface that lets you write with your eyes
Solar windows
Flat-pack wind turbine
Faucet system
Bandage that keeps track of your wound
Puncture free tires
Growing LED lights on paper
High speed tracking camera
Gloves to speak sign language
Cavity fighting candies
Arm assisted cycling system
Self-cleaning furniture
Cooling vest to prevent brain damage
Device that won't let you forget your baby
Help! Need ideas for simple but elegant food for afternoon holiday party for 40
Long distance fingerprint scanner
Application that won't let you miss your stop
Ultrasound pill
Strain paint shows stresses
Indoor grilling
Making greener blue jeans
Skin cancer skin patch
New life vest
Bike that sends GPS updates if stolen
Assisted walking device
Smartphone fish finder
Laptop to charge phones wirelessly
Cell phone for ear exam
swimming pool
Retinal implant with increased stability
How to stop the blood
Application for kid-friendly phones
Milkmaid glass container to monitor the milk
Automatic lawnmower
Touchscreen buttons that rise on demand
Solar powered mouse
Device to speak sign language
Armband water bottle
Modular cast
Growing bones from fish scales
Baking bread in space
Chemical chip to help control muscles
Intelligent goggles for the visually impaired
Smartphone systems to let people talk with their hands
Smart plugs
Laser light to reveals vegetable intake
Killing weeds with lasers
Musical pacifier for premature babies
Robo-Fish to detect pollution
Needle-free drug delivery
Camera glasses to record your life
Safe place disaster mapping
Cut yourself? Help save a life
Super thin waterproof cell phone skin
Tissue conduction smartphone
Circular snorkel
Vacuum climber
Protein to help with weight loss
Device to relieve brain strain
Wristband to monitors seizures
Make music safer
Ski poles to take calls
Application to monitor cell phone radiation
Cavity filler that fights decay
Kamagra soft tabs
Kamagra Jelly
Kamagra- Best of anti-impotence attainable
Bricks made from waste
Kamagra - Green signal for lovemaking!
Starch based bandages
Suit to help athletes learn
Magnetic bike light to prevent theft
Self-cleaning glass
Paper strip to test swimming water safety
Smog eating panels
Ripeness sensor
Shopping cart handle that urges shoppers to buy local
Bottles to track plastic savings
A stable toddler bike
Retractable sails
Hybrid surgical table
Smartphone oral scanner
Reusable enzyme-enhanced brushes
Boat engines
Gloves for touchscreen use
Over-the-counter hearing aid
charge electric cars when cars are running in the highway or ccity
New cord design to eliminate headphone tangles
Notebook case that turns iPad to a laptop
Spritzers for the citrus
Hand folded sheet metal bicycle
Pedal powered street lamp
High School With Britt 'n' Gabby by Kay Lynn Thomas
External power for medical implants
Clamp to close wounds
Upgraded boards
Computer that warns you to sit up straight
Super gel body armor
Plasma flashlight to kill bacteria
Earphones that allow outside sounds in
Cheesy sandwich
Handlebar headlamps
Mini motors to power satellites
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Cialis restore carnal pleasures
Preserve manhood abilities with Generic Viagra
Radiation absorbing capsule
Hydroelectric lamp
Bacteria sensor
Floating wind turbine
New cannula design to reduces pain
Backpack rainwater harvester
Bandages that dehydrate bacteria
Self healing plastic
Scrubba packable washing machine
Steering wheel vibrates to suggest a turn
Gesture based calculator application
Survival snowboard
Heads up display glasses for pilots
Magnifying sunglasses
Origami biosensor
Board for indoor boarding
Airbags for pedestrians
Solar powered snow sports helmet
Edible food spoilage sensors
Helmet inspired by brains
Light and sound detect tumors
Compact, wearable, inflatable flotation
Smart baby cell phone monitor
Sunflower to direct the sun
Stroke treatment in one device
Super glue from bacteria
Floating solar panels
Bike and stroller in one
Privacy pop bed tent
Bead embedded helmet
Shower manager
Invisibility cloak to protect buildings from earthquakes
Waste bins that bring the power
Adjustable eyeglasses that use liquid vision
UV water purifier bottle
GoPad lets you wear your iPad
Gel to speed bone healing
Wind powered lamps
Earphones that can tell right from left
Skis for snowboarders
Grow bike for a growing child
Tree bench
Non-invasive stroke monitor
Device to keep an eye on kids
Adjusting magnetic lens ski goggles
Device to control hypertension with breathing
Folding bike helmet
Checking the crowd
Avalanche survival vest
Label popper for cans
Cradle for people with autism
Snowshoes can grip and slide
LED lights to guide shoppers
Gentle light alarm
Suitpack to keep business attire tidy
Device to prevent cell phone use in cars
Blocking the whine of the dentist drill
Contact lens for post laser-eye surgery
Computer game eye exams
Phone charger and flashlight in one
Portable weapon scanner
Chef jacket made of nano-fabric
Stylus that turns pressure to sound
Nanocoating to protect mobile devices from water
Skateboard with conical wheels
One snowboard for each foot
Bandage to stops bleeding in an instant
USB port to charge from wall
Self-sanitizing keyboard
Magnetic eyeglass holder
Radar system to detect objects on rail tracks
Water resistant speaker
Limestone based wetsuits
Contact tens reads blood sugar level
Virtual sky to make a workplace more pleasant
Solar powered window shades
Cat convertible cabinet
Treat your phobia
Optical blood pressure monitor
Smart bandage
Transform chair to bookcase
Wheel to smooth the ride
New method to remove heavy metals from water
Bouncing data to cut congestion
Knee worn device to prevent blood clots
Door for approved cats only
Sun-believable solar paint
Sound cloak to trap sound waves
Plasma torch will ease dentist visits
Silk microneedles
Application to choose seatmates on a flight
Vending machine that targets your type
Quick scan for brain injury
Portable gamma camera to detects radiation
Self cleaning fabric that use natural sunlight
Gel to regrow skin and reduce scarring
Using viruses to make cleaner
New way to cool sweat
Drum shirt
Easy DNA sample storage
Removable wheelchair motor
Waterproof hearing device
Inflatable tent
Wave power system
Self-adjusting hearing device
Making coffee with a smart phone
Lockable USB drive
Baby monitor
Air free tire
Camera pill
Lamp will use all natural power
Waterproof nano-coating
Asthma relief for better sleep
Rifle that transforms to fishing rod
Car interior preheater
Insulin pump
New crutches
App to alter cellphone output properties
Paper based wine bottles
Sound Power
Domes to harvest energy from the Sun and waves
Software to identify graffiti artists
Radiator booster
Solar window shade
Contact lens and drug dispensers in one
Blocking mosquitoes with light
Ultrasonic cleaner
Flame resistant coating
Creating better sound with the help of light
IPad farming
Fingerprint drug detector
Smart steering wheel
Insulin pill
Ballistic clipboard
Custom jeans
Fabric with medicine supplied
Model bones
Dental emergency kit
True Untold Historical Story that is unknown to the Public
New wind turbine
Radiation sponge
Solar backpack
Device to hold mobile devices
Teaching your immune system
Nano skin
Shoe tracker
LED lighting sheets
Artificial blood
Smart thermostat
Fruit stickers will make washing fruit easier
Software to plan surgeries
USB water purifier
Back panel laptop reflector
LED display for glasses
Robotic strawberry ripeness detectors
Vibrating shoe for the visually impaired
Device to incinerate pet waste
Car accident app
Mouth guard sensors
Ultrasound to heal broken bones
Wireless bike brake
New wheelchair
Portable laundry machine
System to play with your pets online
Bluetooth set for bicyclists
Self cleaning cloth
New use for old CD's
Elevating Keyboard
Front center airbag
Device to share a charge
Chef stand for Ipad
Intelligent T-shirt to monitor vitals
Two methods of improving laptop's stand with cooler
App to send brainwaves to smartphone
Flexible remote control
Performance shirt
Belt mounted camera holder
Self steering tractor
System to monitors breathing wirelessly
Car-Baby monitoring system
Robot to carry golf clubs
Smart pedometer
Packable trail shoes
Camera for bikes
Sleepbox for airport comfort
OLED kitchen lights
Buckle blocker
Lung cancer vaccine
Use grey water in toilets
Thermal imager for night vision devices
Food translation application
Solar panel and OLED screen in one
Organ care systems
Raincoat to collect drinking water
Harnessing the kinetic energy of subway trains
Internet mirror
Sweat meter to detect low blood sugar
Solar heated clothes dryer
Electronic earplugs
Inflatable wetsuit
Subtitle eyeglasses
Implantable chip to monitor tumor growth
Ultrasound device to check for fake gold
Application to avoid red lights
Easily removable motorcycle helmet
Paste to reverse tooth decay
Self inflating bike tires
Creating foam from paper mill waste
Wrist device for the visually impaired
Microwave drawer
Wearable dialysis machine
LCD screens that harness light energy
Sniffing out lung cancer
Fitness monitor
One handed bike brake
Smart cast
Floating islands
Wind powered car charger
Electronic tattoos
Spinning skin from spider's silk
True Untold Historical Story that is Unknown to the Public
Sensor to identify drugged drinks
Automated cashless parking
A pedometer for eating
Foldable canoe
Cheap test for HIV
Furniture that could be shaped to suit your seating needs
Electronic tongue for wine
Heat regulating material
Soft tissue sculpting
Real time air monitoriing
Electronic sniffer
Wireless sensors to monitor bridge stress
Fingerprint scanner able to identify dead tissue
Underwater heart rate monitor
Air conditioned clothes
ECG sensing steering wheel
Smart glasses
Automatic transmission for wheelchairs
Wireless heart pump
Breath test for swine flu
Powering implants with glucose
New idea for an air purifier
Wearable bike lock
Application for a quick melanoma assessment
Wristband application for a healthy lifestyle
Device to reduce SIDS
Treatment for chemotherapy nausea
Intelligent bed to prevent bedsores
Bike with built in solar LED lights
Ambient light LED panels
Eco friendly biodegradable carpet
Motion sensing streetlights
Glasses to interpret facial expressions
Automatic streetlight
One cup to measure both volume and weight
Sensor to monitor urine bags wirelessly
Anti-bacterial coating
High-tech cane
Sounds with shape
Thought-controlled bike
Wireless electric bike
Polymer-based currency
Orange powered billboard
Guide belts for soldiers
Acoustic invisibility cloak
Artificial pancreas to maintain glucose levels
Office desk workout trainer
Solar panel case for iPad
Creating electricity from heat
3D mapping with heat
Tracking system for firefighters
Implant sending signals to paralyzed limbs
Shirt to charge phone
Charge phone at the campfire
Insomnia cap
Smart watch
Ultrasound blood pressure monitor
Stronger steel faster
Organic Laser
Laser projection to warn drivers of bicyclists
Male birth control pill
Solve cold cases with the help of nanoparticles
Golf ball trapper
Stem cell bandage
Color changing bandage
Reversible male birth control injection
Liquid flow batteries
Concrete wave deflectors
Handheld printer
Convert automatic text to sign language
Forgetting the past
New gadget for bicyle safety
Cooler battery
Vertical bike rack
Seat to monitor heart health
Generating hydrogen from sunlight and ethanol
Harnessing exhaust heat
Nightshirt to monitors sleep
Solar handbag
Device to delay hypothermia
Dressing to reduces scarring
Bed bug sniffer
Wellness focused car
Disposable trash bin
New method of password security
Touch laptop
New design for keyboard
Non-invasive brain pressure monitor
Ring mouse
Android controlled light bulb
Charge your cell phones by yelling at it
New cell phone charger
Application to detect land mines
Non invasive brain thermometer
Smart plate
Flexible paperphone
Sound absorbing curtains
Overnight glucose regulator
Sun powered sterilizer
Device to generate both power and potable water
Collapsible shipping containers
Rollable keyboard
One way sound proofing
New bike lock system
Training Cells to Fight Cancer
Test for pancreatitis
Golf balls from lobster shells
Lamps able to alter their lighting
Headset which is speech enabler
New method to deliver drugs to the brain
Portable, wireless fetal monitor
New parking meters
Self healing scratches
Graphene paper
Water desalination method
Gas trapping fabric
Gather data with asthma inhaler
Glasses to identify criminal characters
Mood responsive lighting
Light to trap waste energy
Tunnel Taxi
Film to indicate food freshness
I'm sorry, this credit card has been declined ... by you
Glasses-free 3D
Pain-free needle
Chicken feather plastics
Immunology technology to identify art
Baby warmer
Stroke detector
Capturing the wind energy of trains
Clay cased film to keep food fresh
3-D microscope lens
Rollout laptop
Solar powered water purifier
Shifting keyboard
Plastic from sewage
Blood test for emphysema
Permanent anti-fog
Recharger for standard batteries
New glucose test
Solar uniforms for soldiers
Device to deliver drugs
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Custom Airbrushing
Paintball Games
Costume Rentals
Mortgage Broker
Housing Tours
Corporate Videos
Independent Listing Agent
Corporate Retreats
Guard Dogs
Mobile Home Broker
Copy Sales
Real Estate Auctions
Vacation Property Rental Agent
Real Estate Sign Installation Service
Convenience Stores
Shared Office Center
Computer Upgrading Service
Ministorage Center
Computer Repair Technician
House Preparation Service
Community Business Maps
Communications Store
Commercial Leasing Agent
One Hour Photo Lab
Wedding Photographer
Photo Mugs and Plates
Coins and Stamps
Photo ID Service
Coin-Operated Photo Booths
Video Editing Service
Cloth Diaper Service
Real Estate Photo Service
Coin Operated Phone Booths
Cigar Sales
Children's Designer Clothing
Children's Coach Service
Children's Book and Software Store
Charity Auction Service
Press Release Service
Ceramic Tile Sales and Installation
Transcript Service
Carpet Installations
Literary Agent
Guest Ranch
Caricature Artist
Travel Agent
Car Storage
Canoe and Kayak Rentals
Tour Guide
Canoe and Kayak Tours
Candy Store
Motorcycle Sales
Mobile Oil-Change Service
Candy Maker
Valet Parking Service
Campus Coupon Books
Camps for Children
Cabinetmaking Service
Bungee Jumping
Bronze Baby Shoes
Boxing Center
Bookbinding and Repairs
Bodyguard Security Service
Body Piercing
Boat Rentals
Boat Moving And Storage
Boat Cleaning Service
Boat Charters
Billiards Hall
Bicycle Tours
Bicycle Repair Service
Bicycle Courier Service
Baseball Batting Cage
Bartender For Hire
Band Rehearsal Space Rentals
Automotive Used Parts
Auto Towing
Auto Performance Center
Auto Parts Rebuilding
Auto Painting Service
Auto Alarm Sales and Installations
Artist's Workspace Rentals
Art Supply Store
Archery Range
Appliance Repair Service
Antique Furniture Refurbishing
Airport Shuttle Service
Air Conditioning Service
Aerobics Center
Duct Cleaning Service
Aerial Advertising
Advertising Clipping Service
Driveway Sealing
Advertising Broker
Awning Cleaning
Adventure Clubs
Actor's Photo Portfolios
Wedding Consultant
Web Design
Virtual Human Resources Consultant
Stereo Installations
Utility Auditing Service
Translation Service
Tax Accountant
Specialty Travel
Specialty Mail Order
Specialty Foods
Senior Home Care Agency
Medical Billing
Ad Agency
Art Supplies Store
Yard Maintenance
Valet Parking Service
Vacation Property Rental Agent
Trim Carpenter
Temporary Help Agency
Tanning Salon
Survival and Outdoor Training
Stump Removal
Massage Therapist
Sports Coaching
Snow and Ice Removal Service
Small-Spaces Landscaping
Makeup Artist
Small Business Coach
Housecleaning Service
Singles-Only Event Promoter
Lawn Care Service
Sharpening Service
Special Event Security
Record Storage
Home Alarm Sales
Used Appliance Services
Linen Shop
Wine Shop
Lighting Shop
Promotional Products
Gun Shop
Vacuum Cleaner Sales
Party Entertainer
Party Balloon Service
Inventory Liquidation
Janitorial Supplies
Nursery Designer
Nanny Placement Service
Maternity Clothing
Lingerie Shop
Linen Supply Service
Leather Fashions
Inventory Service
Inflatable Advertising
Handbag Design and Manufacturing
Fitness Equipment Manufacturing
Fitness Center
Where Are They Now Books
Roving Reporter
Fire and Flood Restoration
Fencing Installation
Farmer's Market
Farm Equipment Broker
Factory Tours
Extra's Only Agency
Boardroom Facilities
Travel Agent
Fabric Shop
Extreme Adventure Trips
Stock Day Trader
Energy Management Consultant
Embroidery Service
Self Publishing Consultant
Kids' Taxi Service
Self Defense Training
Sales Trainer
Jewelry Business
Mailbox Center
Rubbish Removal
Roof Repair
Entertainment Booking Agent
Internet Trainer
Residential Security Consultant
Internet Marketing Consultant
Coat Check Service
Interior Landscaping Service
Welcome Service
Residential Safety Consultant
Residential Cleaning
Rental Business
Reinvigorate people's homes with a renovation service.
Remodeling Project Management
Relocation Service
Reglazing Surface
Real Estate Listing Preparation Service
Interior Design
In-Store Demonstration Service
Real Estate Appraiser
Public Relations
Public Opinion Service
Hobby Shop
Information Consultant
Packaged Catnip
Protocol Consultant
Property Manager
Product Assembly Service
Independent Record Label
Fence Panels
Jewelry Boxes
Portrait Photography
Pooper-Scooper Service
Image Consultant
House Painting
Pet Photography
Pest and Critter Control
Personal Shopper
CD Racks
Home Tutor
Windsurfing School
Glass Tinting Service
PediCab Service
Ballroom Dancing
Home Maintenance and Repair
Business Form Templates
Building History Guides
Online Contract Forms
Party Tent Rentals
Home Inspection
Hair Removal Service
Party Entertainment Service
Parking Lot Power Sweeping
Herb Farm
Community Entertainment Directory
Leather Fashions
Online Researcher
On-Hold Promotional Messages
Notary Public
Music Lessons
Murder Mystery Parties
Moving Service
Mortgage Broker
Mobile Oil Change
Mobile Computer Training
Marketing Consultant
Management Trainer
Logo Design
Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Line Painting
Niche Greeting Cards
Litter Pickup
Limousine Service
Seafood Sales
Graphic Design
Leasing Broker
Launch Service
Kitchen Facelift Service
Gift Basket
Puppet Shows
Kayak Tours
Genealogical Researcher
Framed Movie Posters
Import/Export Specialist
House Sitting
Home Office Planner
Holiday and Event Decoration
Gutter Cleaning
Graffiti Removal
Garage and Estate Sale Promoter
Freight Broker
Furniture Repairs and Finishing
Red Carpet Service
Freelance Writer
Flier Distribution Service
Home Storage Solutions
Seminar Promoter
Windows Installation
Advertising Broker
Community Business Maps
Reunion Organizer
Resume Writer
Referral Service
Advertising Clipping Service
Off Road Tours
Book Indexing Service
Association Manager
Arts and Crafts Instruction
Appliance Repair Service
Balloon Bouquet Service
Aquarium Maintenance Service
Personal Assistant
Furniture Delivery Assembly
Apartment Preparation Service
Apartment and House Finder Service
Apartment Prep Service
Announcement Services
Site-Sign Installation Service
Ad Agency
Alteration Service
Aerial Photography
Adventure Travel Agent
New endoscope design
Health monitor
Banana peels to remove toxic metals from water
Sensor bandage
Fuel from urine
The Dice Game ROLL-n-STONED
Mobile application for lines
Balance stick
Piezoelectric tree
Injectable Pacemaker
Gold to detect tumor cells
Optic nerves for artificial limbs
Fungus to prevent malaria
Using torque for turbines
Biodiesel from algae
Application for wheelchair users
Solar powered refuge
Magma as a power source
New bone implant
Thought controlled car
Diagnosis of pneumonia
Operation-SHOCK (Adult version)
Yellow light crossing line
Electric roads
Device to predict asthma attacks
Sheep to clear TNT contaminated soil
Cell phone application to detect potholes
Emergency cell phone
Fitness Furniture
A new game which is a combination of bowling and pool
Reconnaissance robot
New turbine design
One minute test for concussion
Telephone for the hearing impaired
Blood clots reveling technology
Disaster relief housing
Smart fence
Recovering fingerprints from clothing
Army Robotics
Face identification software
Vacuum cleaner for railway
Melanoma detector
Bomb detecting plants
While starving to death on the street this is what I did
Breathable vitamins
Environmentally friendly detergent
Eco-friendly hybrid bicycle
Genetic disorder treatments before birth
Device to cancel out the sound of the dentist's drill
Device to train swimmers
Driving monitor for teens
Remote controlled dogs
Antibacterial paper
Magnetic pill
MF-Standard for Hamburgers
The Chameleon Egg Cooker
Fire Ant Microwave Generator
Automatic House Blinds and Curtains
Limited Credit Exposure for Internet Purchases
Automatic Whole-Body Sun Screener
PDA / Phone / Wallet Hybrid
InfraCode Automotive Black Box
Universal Code Flag
"Bet and Win" Fund
Pocket Reading Device
Configurable Ear Plugs
Adjustable Sink
Caller ID Announcer
"Where Buffalos Roam"
Handheld Distance Calculator
National Statesman Award
Airliner for Sightseeing
Bet Trading
Cure All Rusting for Good
Jeehovas Be-Gone
New Word
Method of Formation Control Recording for 3D Prote
Smaller microchips
Angelic Layer
Receipt Storer Card
Liquid Gloves
MAGLEV roller coaster
Literary box
Alerting Pickpocket Device
Square head for bingo dabbers
Watch Anything On Television When You Want To
The Only Book You'll Ever Need!
Arm Disk Blaster
Security Tags
Paint can touch-up containers
Carry Easy Tents
picture perfect
Toy for young child
Industrial parks designed for workers
Inspire deck
Snowman Maker
The movie bowl
Bucket pin extractor
Keyboard spray
Spring your step
Paper Houseboots
Fantasy Movie Studio (like Fantasy Baseball)
Do It Yourself Sunscreen Applier
Scrabble(R) tile collector
Snuff Inhaler
Mosquito Repellors for Africa
Dried out Dry Erase Marker tip blues
Solar steam generator
Shark repellant buoy
No more hurricanes
Nerf Cars
Gold from sea water (new technique)
Monitoring the Elderly Living Alone via Motion Sensors
A Potential Source of Racing Talent
A TV Day in Your Life
Multi a/c ATM Card
Plastic Books
Room Rounder
Real TV show with a difference
Keyboard for slouchers
Amok Rooms
Transport produced electricity
Scared Single
Don't touch that door handle
Eye Lighter
Take politicians/ aides to court who lie.
@ my back
Weather Watcher Watch
Portable solar umbrella
3-part idea for inventions
Doppelganger Locator
Magnetic Bumper
Pollution Vacuum
Hydraulic car
Exercise bikes in restaurants or the work place
Emission Tires
Solar Power Lines
Stop the stalker
Digital fuel meter in vehicles
Alarm spray
Taco Shell Closed on One End
Cool Travel Companion
Portable p2p
Karate calendar
Search for TV Channel
Personal credit cards
Coloured Baby Powder
New device for building fire escape
National Water Pipeline Distribution System
Stress O-Meter Ring
Remote Controlled Door (RCD)
Body heat
Building arts
Internet nutrition diagnostic
Receipt Card
Virtual debit/credit card
Hair Textas.
Goodbye Fly.
Customized Cell Phone
Car alarm via cell phone
Reducing exhaust emission
Windscreen/Shield Heater
Road Resurfacing Machine (Recycle)
Hair Away
Leaf Roller
Sonic Cleaner for Concrete Garden Slabs
Bicycle Handlebar Lights
Voice controlled calculator
DC Recharger - Electric Cars
Magnetically Inflated Low-Mass Balloon
Jet Engine Energy Recycle
Detection of interrupted railway line
Hands Free Toothbrush
Seat belt attachment for chest injuries
Conveyor belt hospital bed
Electric Cars
All-in-one travel toothbrush
Dental chair light
Energy production
Efficient Take Off and Landing for Airplanes
Personal Organisers and inserts
Cheaper Elevators
Dry Hydrotherapy on the Go
All in One Bag
Modular Public Transport
Boggie picker
Moving pavement
Eliminate Highjacking
Magnetic transport
Active sonar cancellation
Portable Shopping Cart
Commercial flight guidance
Planes Security Protocol
Vaccum Transport
Aircraft Safety
Rent a Cop
Airplane evacuation mechanism
Space launch mountain
Street legal plane
Freight hauling zeppelin
Motorcycle safety
Auto-pay at Pump / Gas Monitor
Bike Chains
Monorail transit on the Interstate
Travel lite
Ultimate commuter bicycle
Kitesurfing Hydrofoil Boat
Air Bags for Boats
Safe Pod or Safe Shell
Gas Pump Insert Cash
Energy saving coffee pot
Diabetic sampler for smart-phone
Smart-phone weather station
Free Heat & Air Conditioning
Phone Number-License Plate
U-Turn Signal
Infernal Combustion Engine
Never Get Pulled Over Again
Dashless Cars
Safer Police Cars
Self Controlled Car Speed Restrictor
Wheel in a shape of balls
Rims shine Tire shine
Block the sun
Turbocharged alternator
Oil Level Gauge
Moulded Child Safety Seats
Speed bumps that don't bump slow drivers
No need for valve springs
Car steering wheel warmer
Purse Holder
Braking Indicator
Easier Parking
Scrubber for Washing machines
Variable Car Window Transparency
Electronic Car Key
Automatic sander for autos
Heating Pad with car adapter
The Carnado
Garage goodies
Auto Hood Opener
Power Generator
Personal car settings
Car Wash Glove
Auto jump start
Non-hazardous Hazard Lights
Train accident not train wreck
The Sleeper Hold
Scented Exaust
Car Periscope
Advanced Motorcycling Helmet
Ultra-Light Aircraft
Suntan lotion meets perfume
Folding crew cab seat
Dodge Marketing (Hydrogen Car)
Electric car motors enhanced
Air vents at the back of your drivers seats
Car Seats with A/C or Heat
Heat Tablets for Pools
The Aero Seat
The Pigeon
Train Cars
Automotive teeneager switch
Bose wave noise cancellation for drivers
Stupid Head Tickets
Quick change pavement
Deer warning system
Transforming roads into electrical generators
Ultraviolet Automotive Headlamp Emitter
Heated Tires
Universal spare tire
Automatically control speed limits
Electronic gas station map
Open Sesame - auto garage door opener
Smart Windshield Washer Sensor
Coordinated traffic signals that adapt to traffic flow
Car Saver
Holographic signals for cars
Emergency Vehicle Audio Mute
Cork Screw Brake Cooling
Vinyl Record Meets Road
Highway Safety Warning System
Car Locking System
Alloy Wheel Shimmer
The Hemispherical Car
Camera as antitheft system for cars
DC A/C Unit For Vehicles
Automatic Speeding Waring System (ASWS)
Hybrid trailer car
Rubber band car
Car Oven Shelf
Audio/Video Recorder For Car..... Keep Cops In Check!
License Thingamabober
Acceleration Light
Pod cars
Save fuel
Automatic Tire Inflation
Mag tech engine
Chevrons on Bend in road
Traffic monitering System
United States
Wind or tire powered car
Clear Car Cover
Car door bumpers
Environmentally friendly screen de-froster
Rolling Infant Car Seat Carrier
Licence box
Digital Car Message Board
Managing parking slots : reserve
U-Turn Signal
Electromagnetic brake
Free energy from cars
Safe Driving
Automotive Window Display (AWD) (pretty catchy huh?)
A change in an operating mode of an automatic transmission
Automated Roof Compartment Storage
Electromagnetic Battery Charger
Yellow Light Delay
Hybrid highways
Magnetic Cars
Street Ice clearer
Fock Ball
Snowboard Clock
Two Big Problems
Neon Lit SnowboardZ
Couch Potato
Cool skate trousers
Expanding goals
Interactive Exercise Equipment
50 yard'er
QB warm up
Sit ups
A new sports referee system
Protein Pills
Lazy Rod
Fresh Feet
Real Action Real Movement Video Game
Snow Scooter
Golf GPS & Distance Device
Full suspension skateboard
Inflatable Dartboard
Helmet Gun
Helium Back Pack
Force Triggered Vertical Shoe
Giant Plane Safety Parachute and Balloon
The Swimming Stroke Counter
Electrify your workout
Electrobreather for diving
Massive skate park for road bicycles
Swimming Mimic Machine
Ski-Hill Video/Photo
Mini Stationary Bike / Stepper
Inflatable Tent
Taped Baseball Bat
Group Kitchens for the Homeless
Instant Homes
Reuseable Flood Barrier
Holiday Sponsors
Adopt a Single Parent
Everyone knows someone
Recycling Momma!
Grannies and orphans
Altruistic WebCam Avatar Surrogate
"Kids are not as smart as parents!"-Toothpaste
Teaching them to give
Car seat gripes!
Name Tags
Geese for the homeless
Ultimate Credit Card Security
The Power of Free
Advanced skills nurturing
Accommodation for the homeless
New Tax Rules
Internet Voting
Collective Problem Solving
Suburban Business Units
Academic Papers Database
Revolutionizing Education
Vote by ATM
Hi Speed Rail System
Improved freight transit
International Spam Center/ Tribunal / Laws
Tax card
The best form of government
Change "fall back" date for Halloween
Handling Dosmetic Quarrels
Debt card with age verification
Tax Credits To Live Close To Work
Generating Electricity from Waste Water
Engine Replacement as a Way to Control Air Pollution
Ecological TV
Extraterrestrial Trash Dump
Reduce Polution & The Ozone Holes
Pollution Tracking Device
Urban Waste Abatement Kit
Wind energy pollution removers
Saving Hotel Soaps
Anti-smoking perfume
Planning for preservation of our planet
Energy from a hole in the ocean
Watermills in rain pipes
Many wind turbines, one generator
Using wasted heat
Panama canal turbine
Solar panel retrofit to wind turbines
Lifting gasses increase truck capacity
Home recycler
Air pollution reducer
Heat transfer from vehicle engines
Reforming Congress
Tax Breaks for Trees
Rapidly Degrading Paper Items
Anyone hate land mines?
Trap wind for turbines
Cleaning air pollution with a hepa filter
Wind Powered Homes.
Cars that run on wind power
Require south-facing roofs
Bats & Birds Beware
Wave action air compression and storage
Space For Solar Power
Timing mechanism for ice hockey
Highway power
Algae for Life
Energy Conservation - Parking Lots
Reusable Carryout Containers
Stairway Laundry Slide
Hot water faucet
Modular power generation.
Mobile Cats' Ears For Cat Owners
Miniature Refrigerator for Pet Food
Robot Feeder
Dog Proof Socks
"Miniature" Cats
Electrical Energy from lightning
Electronic aquarium fishes
Fish remote
Dog Poop Kelidoscope
Cool dog house
Dog poopie scoupy bag
Play ball with your dog, without you!
Twin handled dog training lead
Non-GPS-based, computer interfaced, in home, cat tracker
Anti-algae glass for fish tanks
Vanity Pets
Doggie Nail Dissolver
Comfy Cat Air
Frozen Doggy Dinners
Insect catcher for your insect-eating pets
Remote Controlled Mouse
The Pet Detector
No hassle pooper scooper
The Greatest Video Game Eva!
Bi-Directional Aquarium Pump
Dog Travel Jacket
"I'm Good in Bed"-Rating
Singles with Children Theme Restaurant
"Where Are All The Women?!" Traffic Analyzer
Dating Protection (It's not what you think!)
Relationship Education
Make you own Island
Mag Lev Elevators
Internet Librarians
Replace marriage with 5 year contract
Hot Date Maker
The Perfect Date
Feelings Watch
Hickey Stencils
1 dating site
Remote internet controlled sex toys
Window Air Filters
Carpet Pad Insulation
Stair shaped vaccum
Hallway motion sensor light
Drop-down attic shelves
Mobile Residential Temperature Control
Highrise escape device
Digital Wallpaper
Energy Efficient Home
Desert houses
Compact Work Platform
Window-Free House
Microwave home heating
Self-cleaning carpet
Bunk Desks
Ladder collapse protector
In Car Signs
Insight on the outside
Non-Slip Instant Action Adjustable Wrench
Furnace Modification
Vehicle navigator heads up unit
Driveway/walkway ice remover
Self contained plant pod
Advertising idea
Wild Crier
City Windmill
Magnetic picture frame
Ecological home for cold areas
"Leave-up" Holiday Christmas lights
Natural Air Conditioner/Heater
The Munsen Level
Electric Power Gutters
Driveway Cooler
Photochromic roof tiles
Retractable Doors
Robotic Ocean building Construction
Illuminated PC cables
Maintenance-Free Shade-Trees
Washing Machine/Dryer Combination
Decorator Rain Barrels
Pop-off Grass Clippers
Security Door Locks
Washing line throws
Automatic helpers
Solar Sphero Plow
Refuse Bin Alarm
Stair Snow Blower
Laptop Tripod
Chalk holders!
Remote planes
Automatic Eraser Cleaner
Telepresence Hologram
Office Sneak Detector
Glow in The Dark Stationary
Silent Students
Photocopier lid lifting foot pedal
Office foot massager
Fax machine that lets you view before printing
The un-spinner wheels
Charging station
Document de-floater for copiers/scanners
Non-slippery trackball
Slippery cell phones
Colored White Out
Micro Freezer
Smart Fire Alarm
Water Soluble Tablets
Kitchen Sink Compost
Doorless Refrigerator
The Power Pourer 2000
Sweet Tea
Reverse Microwave
Water managing faucets
Never do Dishes Again
Smart Fridge
Pop up muffin pan
Here's a Butter Idea
A knife with many faces!
Idea for keeping smooth cooktops clean
Manual Kitchen Trash Compactor
Doccer (or Scoring) Machine
Toaster alarm clock
Fridge Plugs
Oven fridge
Learning microwave oven
Gas / propane / butane alarm
Frequency-based search in home
Door answering machine
Easy Clean Glasses
Car alarm after the fact
Vacuum knife
Fridge Can Dispenser
Toaster Alarm
Mushroom cup
Compact Fridge
Ground Meat Masher
Oven Camera
Silent pressure coocker
Mountable Grater
Oven Sensor
Stove sensors
Three Tier Washing Machine
Warm Bear to hug
Daily Clothing Planner
Solar blanket
Butt Certs
Thirst no more!
Water shooting Alarm clock
Smoke detector in alarm/travel clock
Velcro Radiator Covers
Cool pillow
Book reading attachment
Alarm Clock
Self Making Bed
Begin to love waking up
Friendly Bath Mat Seeking House-Share
The Sock Washer
Programmed Shower
Dissolvable Toiletpaper
Hair spray/curling iron in one
Fast Transport of Packages
Voice activated/automatic toilet seat
Styler hot air brush
Vinegar Body Soap
Sure shot
Ear buds with directions
The High-mobile
Digital Shower Temperature Device
Toilet deoderizer
Plush Movie Theater
Automatic Toothbrush
Presidential Soldier
Compliment Toilet Seat
Poop Shredder
One touch bath
Foot dryer/sanitizer
Self-cleaning toilet bowl
Car activation via alcohol test
Sonic Washer
Shopping cart bumpers
Trash bag-in-the-box
Poop Splatter Absorber
Electric Tub Scrubber
Moving Airstream Hair Dryer
Real Soap Water
National Database of Public Bathrooms
New Baby Seat (3 ideas)
Easy Oil Change
Self-Cleaning Public Restrooms
Ads on toilet paper rolls
Traveling diet body scales
"The Silent Downpipe"
Shower water recycling.
The extender
Baby tube temp..
Germs free knobs for the sink
Electronic toilet paper dispenser
Seat covers
One Hand Helper
Diaper with Discharge Unit
Helping Hands
The right path in curing/destroying A.I.D.S
Don't fall asleep
Adult Umbrella Stroller
My Medical Files
Aids cure
Tracking your life
Virtual Reality Suit
Lift Pants
Long Life for Electric Bulbs
Cooking gas timer
Education for Every Child
Auto lights off
Tax Reduction
Flying Car in your Garage
Travel Long Distances with Electric Vehicle
Government policy for obesity
Alarm clocks that will sell
Desk Rider
Digital Eyeglasses
Electronic Arthritis Pain Reliever
The Best Childrens Hospital in the World
Dental cast
Triple Tooth Brush
Med-info Chip
Microphone Generator
Car without engine
Automatic adjustable seat driver
Gradient wheels
Chewing gum Aspirin
Disposable Body Lotion Strips
Spherical Laundry Basket Cage
Cream based version of a styptic pencil for razor nicks
Body Dryer
Sweat free driving
Enhanced driving vision
Calorie Iintake Reader (C.I.R.)
No-itch deodorant
Braces for Your Eyes
On the go grooming
Universal baby bottle top
Protective Baby Foam
Critic Critiques
Back and Body Scrubber w/Disposable Cleaning Cloths
More comfortable x-ray bitewings
Armpit liners
Cure for diabetes
Save water
Free power
Valiant protector
Cheap fast house
Eyes for the blind
Tongue huggers
Disinfecting diaper machine
Handicapped Assist Device
Wipe out
Programmed Muscle Movement
Needle anesthetic
Automated self service eye exam
Soccer Fan Passport
Advertising on the Bottom of Beer Glasses
Crash Test for Beer Mugs
Water in the Desert
Square Bottles/Cans
How to keep the fuzz in the pop always
Time delayed alcoholic effects
Efficient wind turbines in cities
Soil Dam
Celebrate Education every Month
Talk with your Pets
Cool Top Floors
Silence the sleep
Healthy oily food
Colored Salt
Self closing bag
Vegetable Ice Cream
Food identification chart
Cruelty-Free Meat
Peanut Butter Scoops
2 lid jars
The Sporf
Diposable hotglass
Hot/Cold Cup
Want to have more "room" in your room?
Sweet N Falvorful
Chocolate Syrup Packets
New potato chip bag
Double stack hot-dog bun
Frozen concentrated tea cubes
Tuna Squeezer with build in can opener
Food Flavored Chewing Gum/Substance
Artificial Breast Milk
Milk Cubes
Motivation software
Switch off electrics via keychain
Supplement Scoop +
Airline Advertising
Ring Pulls
Vibrating Pencils
Refillable markers
Car Umbrella
Color Changing Ice Cream
Candy Stamp
Liquid Contacts
Fluid retaining drinking straw
Lighting up the Walls at Night
Collapsible Bathtub
A new drinking straw
French fry toppers
Growing Chocolate Milk on Trees
2 compartment thermos
No Talking Cafe
Nice & cold
Taco In a Bag - TIB
Self-Popping Popcorn
Oenophile's petit barrique
Self-Heating Bowl
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in a Cup
The Clean Machine
The Mayo-up Mix
Elementary student cooks
Soup Pocket
Smart Water Fountain
Inflatable Solar Concentrator
Spring-loaded Sling Bed
Highly Configurable Wheeled Carrying Device
Folding Dishwasher
A More Versatile and Easier to Clean Hand Blender
Plug-in Thermostat Switch With Wireless Sensor
Oxygenated Wet Pail for Soiled Laundry
Food-holding Bib
Waffled Icecream
Disposable Fast food nipples and sippy cups
Recipe generator
Easy cake
Egg White Hard Boiled Egg Mold
Electronic Braille Book
Smart Wrist Watch
Self-Updating Calling Card
Sun-Energy Water Fan
Silent Vacuum Cleaner
Personal Tyme Machine
Improved DVD or CD
Child protection location device
General mapping guide
Electronic LED Music Displayer
Portable Refrigerator
Fire Fighting Gun
View on Demand ( VOD )
Whiteboard, many colors, without ink
Digital Laser Tape Measurer
Don't Lose It
Mobile Telephone Book
Party Button (for instant camera)
Quick Release Camera Filters
Length-Adjustable Power & Other Lines
Search items at home like searching on internet
Glow-in-the-dark bodyparts
For Thief's Sake! Camera
Surprise Leadership Evaluation Day (SLED)
Home for homeless
Ballista bow
Clean-hands faucet
Umbrella tent
Grocery yoke
Childrens spillproof juice bottle cap
Submersable generator
Skateboard Monorail
Skateboard Mastery
Two function hand held pruner
Windshield Cleaner
Dust Bunny Collection Device
Automatic tool washer
Monitor Art
Sticky Time
Power tank
Automatic Street Light Controllers
The "Reacher"
Fwatch (Fragrance Watch)
Silent Dental Drill
Personal Locator
Cant find your keys? Give them a call!
Automatic Nail Clipper
Power for the Furnace
Car Heater
The De-Icer
The Wake-up Bed
TRADE Translation Device
Voice Converter
Wireless Playstation Gamepad
Ipod? Why not diskpod?
Physiology education clubs
Multipurpose lant
Controllable exhaust train toilet
Graded water uses
Level finder mic
Portable Negative Noise Generator
Bin Fragrancer
Which side again?
Bike Awareness Sensor
Car seats for back pain / arthritis sufferers
Shopping Helper
Digital Bookmark
Counters for Restaurant Pagers
What if your belongings could TALK
Hologram for use in Golf Instruction
Replace Damaged Optic Nerves
Complete Home Time Reset
Intelligent Fan
Mechanical Toilet Seat
USB zip drives for any device
The Dj Walkman
Everything in 1 teddy bear
Adding depth to photographs
Advanced hearing aid
Closed captioning for movies
Animal poacher catcher
View Finder
Electronic Menu
Invisible Umbrella
Robotic Snowblower
License wiper
Automatic tarp windows
Power supplies
Transport Light by Optic Fiber - Save Energy
Digital Film Roll
Snooze Proof Alarm
Silent wake up digital Alarm
Rape or kidnapping alarm and tracking device
The Camera pencil
Solar chair
Illuminated wall-paper
Earplug smart
Experiance sharing
Electric Back Scratcher
Off Peak Power
Memory ipod case
Rethinking the 'Smart Pen'
Electric Bill Calculator
A cool hat
USB delivery of newspaper and the adaptor table
Cook it yourself restaurants
Find ur thing in 2 seconds
Cellphone Projector
Digital camera with remote
Green card
Sensored when Drive in and Park in your garage
Breathalyzer key box
Indicators on Fans
Electricity through the air
Remote control for lift buttons
Subcutaneous Doser
Auto Shut Off AC/DC Transformer
Data cable extruded using sound die
Changing prices digitally
Debit card Improvement
Computerized car stereo
Using Kinetic Energy to Charge Your Phone or Ipod
IPod Radio. Your music, your news
Laserpoint Glasses
Door bell for the Blind
Realistic Movie Theater
The Television Polygraph Machine
TV Voice Channel Controller
No More Dead Angles in Your Car
Intelligent Road Signalization Panels
Just Whistle
Telemarketer Prevention
Television feedback
Beeper inside the TV remote control
Automatic TV volume control
Video Party
Office Hotel
Books on TV
Audio tagging with TV broadcasting
Movies on Demand
A Lighter Flat Screen TV
Phone Home Video Recording
Eco friendly auto-exhaust system
AutoSpeed Limiter
Dual sun visor
Sofa with Universal Remote control
Eco(nomical) Toilet
My First Remote Control
LED based TV
Power Saver Sensor for TVs
Retractable TV chords
Television with a caution alarm
Home tresspasser photographer
Wireless Broadcasting of TV channels
OLED Wrist Watch
3D scanner
Television playing sound without video
Memory stick
Install directional sound tv in hospital rooms
TV pop-up blocker
Simple TV control
Commercial Channel
Double V shape TV screen
Anti "Off-the-Hook" Telephone
Pocket Cordless Phone
Voice SMSing
New telephone
Sanitized Phone Net
'Crackle' button on mobile phones
Mobile for Architects
Fire place with a view
The Ring (I'd use it more than a handgun lock)
Emergency satellite phone
Bar code reader interface card and information system
Smart Cart
Little Boxes
Electronic Home Address Book
Landlines/Payphones with sim cards
Cellphone / Automapping
Text Condenser
Built-In hands free for Mobile phones
Telephone Voice Verification
Mobile Phones as Walky Talky or FM Radio
Customised answering
Caller ID phonebook
Telephone record keeper
Voice Anoucement
Workplace CD Player
Cell Phone Light
Put me thru to the answering machine
Mobile phone auto-disable
Anti pulling device
Self illuminating strips
LED phone light
Game Pad for Mobile Phones
Microwave with TV screen
Money Tansfer System via Mobile Phones
Alarm Clock with hard disk MP3s
Handsfree-handset conference speaker
Ball board
Retracting washing line
Internal pump
Intelligent anti crash system
Novelty mobile phones
Directory access to cell phone
Watch face as cellphone 2nd screen
Distributable Taxes
Phone with Line out jack
Personal recorded replies
Phone-based Location Alarm
Stationary Pool Chalk
Magnetic Bumper Sticker
Automatic Noise Reduction Phone
Backwards Clock
Seat Sensor
Never Lose Your Cell Phone Numbers
Cellphone rechargers through phone talks
Ignore user feature on cellphones
Cell phone home phone interface
Cell Phone Home Security
Remote Control in phone
Perfumed cellphone
Top Up a Friend
Slde phone adverts
Magnetic confetti
Mobile phone projector
Future phones
Walkabout Phone System
Automatic Mode Switch For Mobile Phones
Phone keys
Fake Speed Camera
Sun reflector
Automatic SMS
The Great Inventors Company!
Solutions website
Wireless Electricity
Electronics That Would Need No Charge
Exercise bike for power
P2P cell network
Find It
Remote convenience
Power machines
Phone projection
Smart Microwave
Family cell phone
PHONE for Mute People
Scale in Cell phone
Arrow tracking unit
Cell phone recharging idea
Mobile Barcode system
Mobile Phone Add Business card
Pen Drive Enabled Mobile Phone
Panic button for cellphone
Device to open/close expandable dining table
Mobile phone mini PIR
Virtual Keyboard
Cell Phone "I'm Driving" Button
Voice controlled Cell Phone
Adjustable Phone Display
Revolutionary headphones
Keyboards with feedback
Rewards Card App
Digital Home Hi-Fi
Wireless Music Pencil
Radio programmable recorder
Cool Car MP3 Player
Alarm Clock That Works
Reinforced Discman
Audio-Aware Painting
Waterproof CD Player
CD Track Projector
Radio ID signal
Mp3 player dock for your car
Eliminate Media Piracy
Securing audio/visual equipment
CD Blanketer
New way to ear movies
Car stereo/CD player with a TV band and weather band
Radio the way you like it
Morphing head phones
Wireless audio plugs
Portable "guitar"
Digital heating cup
Digital wall pictures
Boomackle Box
Bed sheet clips
Lifepods for land
Digital Radio Images
Idea against Aponea
Stereo earbud
Mental MP3
Bluetooth earphones
Where should we go mobile application
Neural Networks to Model Guitar Amps
United States
Better Parachute
MH SuperThins, a new breed of monitor
Protective Suits
Press N Play/141/One-for-one
4 mouse arrows
Vitamine Machine
Future Network
PC Phone Hub
Coke on Tap
Wind up laptop
Computer in a vacuum
Hand Held ICQ
Digital Photo Viewer
Mini Printer
In-Focus Laptop
Clean Air
Motorised Skateboard
Car Pillows
The Tyre De-Icer
Free parking
Sun Glare
New Computer Mice
Pop corn timer
Invisible Keyboard
Mechanism to capture license plate numbers
Computers with coffee warmer
Posture correcting vests
Wireless Backup for increased Air Safety
Computing on the move
Scanner Laptop
CPU power/heat recycling
4-Day Work Week
Kayak kar karrier kombo
Bicycle Frame Lock
Clog Resistant Drain
Computer CD Carousel
Miniature Inspection Satellite
Better Airline Eats
Screen with integrated web-cam
Rearview radar
All ports into 1
Semi portable Notebook
Anti car speaker system
Dummy terminals return
Heated Mouse Pad
Wireless Digital Camera
Computer lighted keyboards
USB thumb code
Cleanable Muffin Fan
Pedestrian Power
Pinocchio Nose
Modular Computer
Valentines Card Distributor
Tonerless plain paper laser printing
Tennis glow-dome, or zen-dome
Vocabulary start-up sound for your O.S
Absorbtion distribution towel
Leg Operated Mouse
Decimal Computers or Not Binary Computers
Sound vibrating chair
Tuning pegs lock for guitar
Fiber optics for back view in cars
Handling loud music at night
Earphones with subwoofers
Easy handling guitar
Cell phone guitar tabs
Tape player on PC
Thorough meat cooking
Interactive Golf
Automatic Irrigator Valve
Ultrasonic Blender
Bare Car
Braille output monitor
Cellphone Cardiac Care
Portable Oxygen Source
In Aid of AIDS
3-D sound picture for the blind
Eyes on top
Low Cost Terminal
Generating power from keyboard and mouse movements
Software that converts whistling or humming into MIDI format
Height-Adjustable Laptop Screens
Have you heard octa-cored cpus?
Automatically adjust monitor display
Computer "Glasses"
Increasing battery life
Kinetic Mouse
Illuminated Keyboard
Using multiple cores in PC's
Single Piece Recyclable Computer Case
Pests controller
For two wheelers to overcome theft
Car roofing with solar panels
Pen drive
Keyboard less computer
CD-ROM tray
Networking pendrive
Double Screen Laptop
Zombie hand mouse
Video Games Of Robots on the Moon
OS Card
Color Changing House Paint or Vinyl Siding
The New Wave of Gaming
Silent Alarm for Passenger Bus
Independent Brake System for Passenger Bus
Quick Connect and Release Vehicle Tires
Tornado proof home
Police Dog Cam
Frozen Meat Slices Segregator
USB Time Bank
Recycling paper as alternative to charcoal
Adjustable Cup or Mug
Personalized shaped computer mouse
Writers Actually Get Paid for Writing
Online Literature
Internet Opportunity
Multimedia Hypnosis
Automatic Internet Hoax-Finder
Soft Drink Stabilizer
Software to Learn to Dance
Expert System
Period Detector
Automotive Repair E-Books
Look- alikes web site
Search engine of justice
Extreme Solar Power
Advanced Search Engine Options
Citywide geothermal heat pumps
More efficient, humane work schedule
Tailgating oasis
Cat Scratchin Speakers
Internet site kill button
New Doctor's office scale
Online Doctor
Renaming rights
Choice of book cover colors
Virtual Map Pins
New Release Update Service
Sarcasm Typeface
Watchworthiness Notification
Storage media using colors
Free internet provider
1st person shooter/virus scanner
Star-wars style mosquito zapper
Randomized Advice Forum
Virtual Church Software
Robotic Visual Object Recognition
Serial bid algorithm
MMPORPG for education
Recipe Database based on supply of ingredients.
Detective/Police case pool
Songplayer/writer conversion software
Open Source P2P Adsense
Website that teaches how to program
Play Matchmaker Website
ITunes Web Server Application
Programmable Desktop Wallpapers
Flexible Broadband Connections
The Hold Holder
Using Automatic Car Features In a House
Sweet Smelling Light Bulbs
Ice At the Bottom Of The Glass
3D Photo Collaboration Website (e.g. Google earth extension)
"Lock in" Gasoline Rates
Heated Ice Scrapers
Create an online country
Personal Reviews
Instant Clothing
Web Search
No-Waste Tooth-Paste
Toilet Covers of Doom
Book Chips
Automatic debit software
Virtual Online Bar
Adult Social Networking
Virtual shopping homework with your 3D image
Thumb drive notification when you try to log out
Image search
Insulating gel for windows
Treo/Blackberry Handle
Stubby, Square Vodka Bottle
Instant "Designer" Water
Read a Newspaper, Plant a Tree
Roof Over A Homeless Head
Tourists for Charity
Domains For Sale
Web Site
Self deleting email
Lighted JELLO Plate
Thinking Stove
Emergency Alert System for Cell Phones and Instant Messaging
Cool Pen
Electronic keyboard that records sample sounds
Battery powered WI/FI HDD in a fireproof box
Computer Monitor with ports
Secure bank wireless HDD.
Flat 3D Screen
Changing Color Drink (for parties, just to look cool)
Electronic Rubber Duck
Emergency Flashlight
Online social-workplace networking site
Immersive reality for Second Life
The productivity enforcer!
Daily activity tracker
Media Shrinker
Running Gugelhupf ('Gugelhupf' is an Austrian type of cake)
Stopper for Carving Skis
Trashcan Rap
Conclusions from The WTC Disaster
Live-Cam on Aeroplanes
Suicide Protection for Mobile Phones
Morning Broadcast for People in a Bad Mood
Infrared Detectors for Running Sushi
Opening a Bagel Shop in Vienna
Diabetic Punch
"Eat my Meal"-Agency
Head Banger's Wig Rental
Cooking Class Meets The Chef's Market
Holographic Billboard
Senior Citizens Escort Service
Donut Idea
Family Finder Book
Can Cooler
Movie theaters
Dunkin Donuts
Easy CD Creator
Working at the company
Electronic Component Tattle-Tail Stickers
Critter Clips for kids
Jellybeans Clock, Radio, CD, Light Show
No Corkscrew Wine Cork
PopCut instant Co2 power copper tube cutter
Cycle Powered Hydraulic Cycle Truck Lift
Rotating Cone Helmet Visor w/Stationary Wiper Blade
To advertise air-conditioning business
Chill-Quick can cooler
Pet TV
Combo CB (Citizens Band) antenna & fishing pole.
Toys, pets & children
Rent a Gadget Service
Common Sense Shipping
Interactive Coin Collecting Book
On-line Scrapbook
Company-Sponsored Daycare
Taco Bell Delivery
New Restaurant Name
Cafe Cuts
Vegan/Vegetarian Fast Food Restauraunt
Sleep 'N' Learn
Pay per view worth the view
Modernise the UK political system
Entrepreneur's Business Park
Improved Supermarket Trolleys
SOS Balloons
No-Flap. The button-free minature phone
FIX IT Subscription Service
Essence of Ashtray (to give up smoking)
Talking Toothbrush for Kids
"Whatever You Want" Restaurant
Advertisement for a car
Road warmer on snow storms
Coca Tea
Profits with altruism
Ads on the homeless
Gloves for digging
Water Bottle funnel
Relationship reminder
Choose your path/ interactive history book
Children's book with toy figures
Water proof case for reading
Dr. Dent (Car Door Protection Shields)
Meals on demand according to your own recipes
Clipper catchers
Capsulized liquor
Decreasing the lines at theme parks
Secret rumour-spreading organisation
Safe police weapons
Grocery Store Deli Counter Convenience
Kids Swimming Pool Improvement
Adult Park
Just what Skippy needs
Freestanding indoor playgrounds with snacks
United States - Complainers
Any Movie At Any Time
Separation of Business and State
Off-peak energy storage
Corporate scholarships for high school senior
Transparent post-its(R)
Karaoke Radio/TV/Internet Broadcasts
Energy recovery from community water supplies
Movie theaters in airports
Electronic Receipts for Traditional Purchases
Background noise internet radio
Web-based distributed payment
Digital hand-held nutritional monitor
Eliminate Printed Ads/Coupons from Mail
Receipt Scanner in Cars
Napping Lounges in Cities
Personal Product Scanner for use at any Store
Audio and Video CD / DVD at cinema houses
Reduce/eliminate headlight glare
Prevent markers from spoiling projector screens
Can hollow bolts/rivets reduce weight of products
Sodexho debit cards
Improved Online Tax Return Filing
See-Through Floors for Cars
Sports sweatpants to help you run faster
Clear Wax Crayon for Protecting Ink From Accidental Erasure
Passwords to stop cell phone theft
Cheaper vacation packages
Eyesight Testing Software
Cash or cheque Depositing machines
New cyber cafe
Motorcycle Helmet w/ Built In MP3 Player
An Inventors Manufacturing Plant
Preprogrammed Card for Fast Food Drive Thru
Men's lounge
Protect Copyrighted CDs/DVDs
Backup laptop battery
Tilt Wide Screens
Mouse with two optical sensors
Copy Shop Projectors
Green Gym Equipment
Foot Warmer Comforters
Powerless Inertia propulsion craft
Preventing clothes from getting wet during rain
Collapsible Sombrero
Coooooool Hat
Pocket Peekers
Book Shirt
Energy Saving Refrigerator Cozy
Super Slippers
Germ Free Toilet Handling
Womens 2-PC Flannel Pyjamas with Footies
Never cold slippers
Computer game maker software for PC
Mood shirts
Edible nailpolish
Snappy Socks
National Goodwill Week
A Self Driving Car
Hot Buns
Girl's Changeable Fashion Watches
New Sport - Snow Biking
Student Desk 2003
The ultimate jacket
Introduce bench meters to public parks
Special currency for the homeless
The Danger Card
Mens Open Zipper Alarm
Cigarettes with strikable tips
New type of eBay
Install a second horn in cars
Hello? Parking meter is that you?
Introduce 'talking' or 'quiet' seats on airplanes
"Computer with two mice"
Cell phone with an in-built breathaliser
Electric Clothing
Design mirrored nail polish
Digital Tie - Never change your tie again!
Sweaty Palms
New Type of Restaurant
Designer washing powders
"Quieter Packaging"
Redesign ice-cream cones
Spoiled Milk Detector
"Avoid those chilly blobs"
"Cheese tones"
Losing Weight Scale (for fun)
Cool Shirt
Peel on and off clothes
Tall Plant Stand
Large window adhesives
Book Embracer
Side-to-side motion chair
Reflective Designs
Tired Arm Pillow
An air-free bag
A Dastardly Invention to Control Cats
Golf Club and Ball Shredder
Radio Sports Commentaries
Inventing Common Names for 30 and 10 Centimetres.
�� Stop Answering Machines Wasting Our Money
Labelling Garments and Footwear with Measures of Durability
Undersea electricity transmission cable between Africa & EU
Doggy-poop scraper/eraser
Re-use of Lower half of Lunar Landers
The unbreakable Umbrella
Nano-bots to shave U
Awesome Shoes
Clear Dr. Pepper
Black Powder
Even Tans & Sun Protection
Tires of Worn Out Shoes
New pants in a flash
"Metrocab" or "Urbanflow" taxi/bus transport
Comfy Couture
Headphone earmuffs ("Fuzzy Sounds")
Cruise indicator
Unbreakable telephone
Stocking Toe Guard
Black and white glasses
Drive-in rollercoaster
Weight indicator for shopping bag
Finger Powered Cell Phone
Stretchable Display in mobile phone
Vanity Mobile
"Looks improvement" mirror
Extendable umbrella
LunchBox with in-built battery operated heater
Magnetic eyeglass decoration
Adventure sunglasses that stay
Book Backpack
A new and improved democracy
Let's annoy the car thieves
Harpoon the Drowners
Fish Finder for My Car
Six Degrees of Computation
Better Baby Shoes
Vanity Scenes
Hurricane Timeshares
Downey Hangers
Humming heads
Homesteading for the Homeless
Inside Pockets for women's clothing
Unfashion Statement
Invisible clothes
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Ketchup/Mustard Combo
Electronic parking
Glow pen
Wet Edged Paper
Scented (Wo)Man
Airy Caps
Under water notepad & pen
New houses to have solar panels by law
Self tightening trousers
"What you see is what you get" Website Picture Database
Hippie shoes
Clear coffee grounds
Meal Cooking Machines
Hang Em' High Christmas Lights
Smart Routing
Digital Voice Beat Recorder
Smart Cell Phone
Marital Status Shirts
Amusement Park Attraction
Smart Alarm Clock
Smart Dryer
Tiny GPS locating devices
Arctic Cowboy Hat
New Blood
Fragrant sawdust pellets
Ciruclar Cabinets
Bad roads
Virtual daytrading game
Compressed DVD libraries
Comfort bra
Own fashion wear
Visiting card screener
Clip hook
Handbag organizer
Hot water snake
Digital Sizer
Gas level guage for LPG cylinders
Utensil shelves that come up to me
Intelligent Car Headlights
Local Traffic Situation Viewer
Robot comb
Jogger's Speedometer
Paper that glows
Transparent Vehicles
Sweater with heating coils inside
Detachable toothbrush bristles
Clothes Bank
Quick Wristband Maker
Mini shouldster bag
Design yer Clothes
Scarf Lock
Self-leveling see-saw
Foot activated toilet seat lifter
Pants/chair combo
Portable movie theater
Plastic bottle caps with built-in straws
Mix and match bras
Hair dye that never grows out
Digital Clothes Sizing
Human Auction Site
Eyeglasses Attachment for Backwards Vision
Wii Energy Conversion
Fashion colored/scented breath, farts, and sweat
Baby Sleepers with Removable Feet
Water ring protector
Cat Paw Moisturizer Cat Litter
Cat Box Protectant Spray
Tongue Coating Treats to Help Pets Clean Themselves
Catnip Flavored Cat Food
Anti-Static Pet Brush
Smokeless Heat Proof Cigarette Case
Home Richter Scale
Hand Crushable Cans
Bacteria/Yeast Mixture Energy Source
Pet Leash That Buckles To Standard Auto Restaint
Street Legal Mini Autos
Closed Auto Outer Sound Device
Clean Car Door Runners
Heated Wiper Blades
Reusable Flexable Water Proof Washable Leather Grocery Bags
New uses for government land
Auction a Celebrity for Charity
World Problem Solving Agency
Renaming Earth Contest
Amusement Parks For Physically Challenged And The Elderly
Gun Muzzle/Bullet Groove Match Database
Spider Web Disolver
Spray On Flexible Paper Preservative
Flexible Ergonomical Pens And Pencils
Pencil Caps That Serve As Sharpeners
Water Bed Chairs And Couches Etc.
50 Year Hanging Calendar
Amazing Scientific Novelty (decorative gadget for your desk)
Post-It-Note Folder
Double Lid/Disk Pressure Release Microwave Container
Clear Plastic Spray for Fine China or Breakables
Microwaveable Plastic Coffee or tea Percolator
Foot Mop
Weighted Egg Tongs
Double Surrond Overflow Preventor For Pots
Alarm And Light Warning In Talking Refrigerators
Syncronized Microwave And Wrist Watch Timer
Heat Resistant Sided Pans
Mail Box Buzzer
Multi-Sport Transformable Nurf Ball
Air Hockey Type Skate Boarding
Velcro Gloves and Bats/Rackets/Clubs
Floating Fishing Poles
Detachable Small Animal Handles
Scratching Post Wall Paper
Plastic Flexible Fish Tanks
Hair Growth Formula For Animal's Hair Retention
H2O Splitter Scuba Tanks
Injectable Athletic Enhancer
Muscle Building Pills
Retractable Face Shield for Bike Helmets
Flexable Circular Rubber Springing Sling-Shot
Name Your House
Double Pained Pipes and Hoses
Magic Eye Wall Paper or Murals
Ionic Wall-To-Wall Carpet
Carpet Hooks
Shingle Sheets
See Through Condom Case Key Chain
Permanently Infused Scented Plastics
Bottled Space Vacuum
Shrinky Dink Rubber Drawing Pad
Spherical 3-D Mercury Switch
A Seperate Card To Store Credit/Debit Purchases On
Perfectly Weighted and Balanced Coins
Bug Catcher
Liquid Wax Crayon Pens
Reverseable Furniture
24 Hour Semi-Permanent Scents in your Nose
Silicon Water for Flower Preservation
Coffee Extract Deodorant/Deodorizer
Outdoor Cold Water Kid's Jacuzzi Bubble Pool
Eraseable Solid Ink in a Pencil
Home Spa Mud Bath Paste
Swallowable and Scanable Passports
Wipe On/Spray On Floatation Cream/Lotion
A Military Advancement in Bullets
Oriented Strand Board Type Paint Process
Tissue Paper on Toilet Paper Rolls
Double Wide Sliced Bread
Tapered Spring
Mildew, Rot, Grime, Mold Killing Caulking
Do-It-All Credit Card Razor Switch Blade Knife
Book Television Channel
Spark Toy
Hair Ball Pads
Colored Flames for Cigarette Lighters
Cigarette Pack Bottom Cigarette Pusher
Blue And Red 3-Dimensional Contact Lenses
Truely Permanent Markers
Automatic Stop Disc Brakes On All Saws
Personal Scratch-N-Sniff
Flavored Scented Liquid Cigar And Cigarette Dipping Bottles
Child Safe Packaged Gift Opener
Smelly Bad Tasting Wires To Repel Pet Bites
Guest Book On The Moon
Spinning Fan Blades meet Megaphone
Post-It-Note Glue Pen
Joke article
Cemetery Memorial Wall and Grave Site Map
Immortalize Yourself Cheaply
Erasable/Instant Dry Paint
Hottest Burning Metal Infused Fire Log
Talking Brains and more
Temperature Color Changing Auto Paint
Heat Wrap Color Change Paint Protectant
Talking GPS Navigation Speed Limit Additive
Whiplash Air Bag
Laser Beam Vehicle Head Lights and Other Lights
New "Shapes" For Holiday Gift Boxes
Rubics Cube Color/Letter Lock
Multi-Web Site - Scrolling
Sealed Floating Wheel Axle System
6 Sided Cube Mouse
Voice Activated Instruments/Voice Instruments
New Shapes for Speakers
Designer Microphones
Stereo Undistorted Hearing Aid Head Phones
Tivo For XM Radio
Vocal Modulated Digitally Altered Karaoke
Musical Score Sound Track On Reverse Side Of DVDs
3-D Spinning Speakers To Add To Surround Sound
Multi-Layer 3D Plasma Screens
One Size Fits All Hydrolic/Pivot TV Stand
Multidimensional DVDs
Commercial Time On-Screen Timer
XM Radio For Cell Phones
Cell Phone Stylus Texting
Tooth Colorings
Super Slick Disposable Shorts and Tops
Wearable Velcro Suit With Interchangable Costumes
Back Pack Coats
Wearable Toys
Jeans and Pants that have a Zipper in the Back
Finger Nail/Toe Nail Templates
Zipper Snag Guards
Teflon Non-Stick Additive For Fabrics
Full Body (Sock Material) Jump Suit
Pajama Suit
New Scent for cologne
New Type of Clothes
Fluorescent and Glow-In-The-Dark Precious Metals and Gems
The Newest Rage- Gray Hair/Beard Color
Fiber Optic Hair Weaves
Make Up Made From Ink
Woven Metal Clothing or Cloth
World's Strongest Nail Polish
Lather-In Hair Gel
Clothes with Built-In Hangers
Changeable Letters for the Bottom of Your Shoes
Velcro-On Necktie and Neckwear
Hair Mousse Dispersement Tip
Glow-In-The-Dark and/or Reflective Tattoos
Colored Bleach for Designer Clothing
Temporary Eye Stain Dye
Crab And Lobster Fight Betting
Compact Fold Away Shoes
Under Nail Tanning
Phosphorescent Contact Lenses
Personalized Form Fitting Condoms
Web Video Code Seperator
Stand Alone Non-DOS Based Platforms
Personalized Commercial Database Search Engines
Revised Keyboard
User Defined Software "Menu" Bar, Etc.
Multi-Function Computers
Flexible Computers
WiFi Cell Phone "Go To My" Dummy Terminal
Slip Cover for Cigarette Filters
Sun Block Eye Drops
Cotton Swab (Q-Tip) that Disolves Ear Wax
Rolling Rubber Wheel or Ball for Leg/Ankle Casts
Compressed Powderized Paper Pill Binder
Better Tasting Breast Milk
Replace Pills by Medicinal Patches
A Better Condom
Teflon Coated Needles
Foaming Pill Taking Drink
Private Parts Deodorant/Antiperspirant Spray
Lung Cleaning Inhaler
Tool For Sprains or Broken Bones
Heat Resistant Body Lotion or Hand Cream
Losing weight with Stomach Glue
Disposable Moist Towelettes for Eye Gunk Removal
Nicotine Incense
Bottled Water With Filter/Purifier
Nasal Breath Strip Glue
Whole Body Acupressure Suit
Water-Proof Sand And Debris Repellent Lotion
Back And Profile Mirror
Cellophane Multi-Surface Art/Design
Nose Guards For Particulates
Breathable Blankets
Portable Night Light Toys
Premanufactured Indoor Blanket Tent
Couch-Chair-bed Combination
12 Slot Pop Tart Toaster
All-In-One Kitchen Appliance Remote Temperature Gauge
Thermo Pan
Temporary See Through Mirror
Different Colored And Altered Mirrors
Jaccuzi Clothes Washer
Echo Proof Toilets
Suction Lever Non-Slip Mats
Over Head Hot Air Dryer For After Bath or Shower
Soap Dispensing Shower Head Attachment
Double Boiler Bath Tub
Tooth Paste/Mouth Wash Spray
Washing Machine Lint Grabber
Moisture Removing Reusable Ball
Loud Danger Noise Maker For The Elderly
Rubber Corner Impact Cases For Electronics
Encoded Scanning Device for Paper Shredders
The Stupidest Robot
Battery Powered Pocket Cigarette Lighter
Under Water Speaking Tool
Static Electric Battery Recharger
Full Light Range Cameras
Non-Static Electric Glass Ball Lightening
Horizontal Plasma Screen For Finger Painting
Electronic Swear Jar That Calculates Money
Light Bulb Disco Ball
Vehicle Top Magnetic Additions
Double Ended Can Openings and Tops
Food Shooter
Eatable Tooth Picks And Other Food Related Items
Deep Fried or Baked Chicken Skins
Frosted Cereal Pop Tarts
Sandwich Roll-Ups
Every Kind Of Chocolate Bar
Disappearing Food And Drink Dyes
Color Coded Food Products
Pressure Gauge On Carbonated Beverages
Aerosol Condiments/Food Products
Eraser Gum
Beverage Can Turned Into It's Own Cup
Legal Hemp Rolled Cigars/Cigarettes
Digestable Chewing Gum
Air Freshener Pill
Spray-On Meat Sauces or Coatings
Alcoholic Soda Pop
(Re-)Carbonation Tablets
Liquid Food
Seafood Nuggets
Paper Utensils
Muffin Puffs (Cream Filled Muffins)
Spill Proof Beverage Cans
Expanding Stomache Filler
Sugar Glue or Non-Sticky Sugar
Sodium Bicarbonate Anti-Clumping Packets
Multi-Purpose Hot Dog/Hamburger Loaves
Hard/Alcohol Flavored Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Fruit Skin Wines
Super Heat Obsorbing Space Blanket For Cooking
Umbrella with light
Spray Shoe polish
Silent Glass Containers
Random Governments
Improved Democracy
Have cops/lawyers do political interviews
Continuous Split Time
Custom Foam Seats
Use-that-other-wall gadget
Beer Can Decompression Chamber
Office chair rolls that don't ruin the floor
The Bike Handicapper
Birth Control for Men
Strap-on Tongue Piercings
Strap-on Tongue Piercings
Love Bite Chart
Artificial Eyebrows
American English in schools
Tongue writer
Bent credit cards
"Don't mess with me!" Certificate
Surprise Birthday
Yahoo "Launch" meets shopping centers
Sloping roads before checkpoints
Airport Cinema
Soft Curbs
Kids Compartments in Trains
Emergency Deo Spray for Public Transport
Intelligent Email Software
SEA Randomizer
Ignore me, too! (automatic)
"What I liked about my childhood"-database
Concert "shooter"
Food Musicmatch Database
Mobile for the elderly
Eliminate Talking from the Radio
Caller ID meets Internet Lookup
Kissing Pockets
Old Sock Tester
Artificial Food Particles for your Teeth
Salty Cocktail Bar
Formula One Go-Kart Tracks
Instant Clothesline
Automatic Pub
Mouse games for 2
Concert reminder service
Transparent Laptop Foil
Buy jeans that fit!
Express Line for Waiting on the Phone
Buy & Sell Waiting Time
Job contacts & connections network
Fleamarket Guide
Pretest Antibiotics
Smoker Therapy
Yo rapping advertisement
Restaurant Menu Bingo
The Missing Link beverage
Using a laptop in bed
"Two angles - two programs" TV screen
Rain Countdown
Temperature sensor for cans and bottles
Action Pizza!
Pedal for Electronics
Cable TV meets Playstation
Waterproof Chips
Beaming Vacuum Cleaner
Changeable purse
Waterproof Hotpants
Foot Shaper
Interchangeable high heels
Design your own online accessories
Quicker tuberculosis test
Self-healing polymer
Goggles to keep statistics
Football helmets with impact sensors
Chronic pain relief
Fertility monitoring system
Smart glasses
Multi-account credit cards
Hunger monitoring
Insulin growing
Cure for jet lag
Biostorage for data
Drug addiction vaccine
Refillable hydrogen batteries
Cleaning your fish tank.
To clean baby/ childrens toys I toss the washable ones into the clothes washer. Stuffed animals are perfect for this. Read the tag first, if it says surface washable only, do not put it in the washer. I have done cabbage patch dolls this way.
How to stop smoking
Device to prevent fires
Artificial rainbow machine
Nanomaterial to speed the recovery
Shading system for greenhouses
Uprated fire trucks
Microchip for pain relief
Sleeping mask with sunrise function
Mobile phone ECG
Noise-filtering ear plugs
Worms to detect explosives
Musical gloves
Square Shooters family game
City tours conducted by homeless people
"Smart" Christmas tree
Self-steralizaing door handle
Crayon maker
Fish with tattoos as a present
Think about it
Smart wallets
Sportswear with built in electronics
Office chair and exercise chair in one
Reader for blind people
Spray to reduce pain while bandage removing
Gadget to monitor stress
Device to survive during avalanche
Web site to help homeless people
Stations for media files loading
Photo with Santa Claus
Protective case for alcohol
Stylish crutches
Lamp adjustable to surface color
Mobile application for children suffering from autism
Wedding boutique for gays
Set for snowman creation
Checking stuff while online shopping
Getting rid of rust stains
High heels & flats all in one
Cell phone weather station
Portable Word Processor -- Super cheap, durable, and fast -- Runs only a word processor, letting you write with no distractions, but that isn't as awful as an Alphasmart
Deodorizer for books
Storytelling gadget
Warming lotion
Computer with one CPU and two screens
Getting rid of hangover
Twirling cell phone battery
Solar lamps to change oil lamps
Mobile application for spontaneous dates
How to get rid of greasy hair
Golf handicap calculation
Web site for selling home-cooked meals
Personal yoga training program generation
Lawn mower and sprayer in one
How to get rid of wax stains
Perfect hard-boiled egg cooking technique
Getting rid of cat urine
Two-sided TV screen
Toilet paper dispenser
Behavioral treatments for insomnia
How to teach your child to tie shoelaces?
Database of public lavatories
Shoes with a picture on a sole
Eraser composition
Hairdryer to get rid of pediculosis
Store with goods for the case of disaster
Tours of night forest
Multinational fast food
Set for 3D images creation
Home remedies to remove acne scars
Russian Shchi
Exercises to make your breasts beautiful
Parking place finder
Robot to pump up the tires
Alternative to bar code
Sound to keep mosquitos stay away
Safe Improvement
Unique umbrella design
Making life of elderly people easier
Personal bike
Rain Level Boots
Sound proof but light material
Flowerpot with warning system
Pool cleaner
Snowboard and skateboard, all in one
Subcutaneous medicament doser
Toothache remedies
Efficient medicine chest
Borscht Recipe
Eyesight for blind people
How to pop a blister
Mobile phones for hearing-impaired people
How to get rid of bad garlic breath
Sore throat remedy
Keyhole coated with luminous material
Alternative for snow shoveling
Pool regulation
Sound filters for open windows
Digital wallpaper
House paint that changes its color
Clothes bank
Tornado alert on cell phone
Ads on the homeless
Fingerprint ATM
Parked car finder
Chess clock for more than 2 people
Spray which makes hair waterproof
Contact lenses which are sunglasses
Comfortable bras
Shoes with metal detector
Online clothes shop
Shower bath with a dryer
Remote control with Buy button
Fingerprint scanner on a doorknob
Playgrounds for adults
Collars for cats
Holographic images
Musical Mute button
I think your cell phone should work as a remote control as well. That way I'll never lose it.
Remote control locator
Watch reminder
Foldable badminton racket
Watch that counts calories
Fish saving device
Drinkable mouth wash
Pet door
The leaf catcher
Cancer test
Timers in public toilets
A tongue cover
Waterproof Notepad
Aspirin in chewing gum
Picture Delay button at remote controls
Washing machine that could detect metal device
Digital camera with built-in GPS
Friend locator in your mobile phone
Doorbell for people who are both deaf and blind
Four seasons blanket
Body hair removal
Washing powder, raising the sun protection factor of clothing
Clever Vending Machines
Dating site work in reality
Child sleep adviser
Book bag turning into an ergonomic seat
Bridesmaids to hire
Clothes for hospital patients
Library Hotel in Thailand
The camera on the rack for group shots
Funny suitcase stickers
Gadget for folding clothes
Cooling Scarves
Tasty postcards
Tourist portal for adventurers
Putty for skis
Fashionable clothes for donors
Jeans that protect from pickpockets
Interactive billboards with human beings
Organic restaurant for pets
HR portal with reward for employment assistance
Vending machine which recommends drinks
Rental dresses for pregnant women
Extreme tourism: a death attraction for tourists
Good life for your fishes
How to make your boots waterproof
Unusual Adidas shop for joggers
How to remove grease stain from the book
Musical stairs as a way to get rid of overweight
How to get rid of cockroaches
Keeping Cool in 100 degree plus heat. Sitting in the grueling sun watching your child play baseball can get almost unbearable. Can someone creatively combine a lightweight umbrella, a fan, and a water spray, make it portable and easy to transport?
How to clean silver
Folk remedies for snoring
Tips to get rid of heartburn
15 ways to tie your sneakers
How to get rid of static electricity
How to remove blood stains, wine stains and other stains of organic origin
Barrier for a cat
Getting rid of cat hair
How to treat frostbites
To make a law to forbid using growth hormones by farmers .
A couple of advices for those who are going on a hike
Emergency repair of an inner tube
How to grind down skates
How to rescue your pet from fleas
Advices for a philatelist
How to select a tracksuit
Chicken Tikka Masala
Sports journal
How to massage
Excessive sweating
Foot care
Tips for a good night sleep
Freckles. Natural remedies
Praise your child, but ...
How to achieve and maintain a healthy head of beautiful hair
How to get rid of tension
Sauna as the guarantee of health
Sweets for joy and no harm
How to give flowers
How to get rid of unpleasant odors
Winter fishing
How a bike can become a super high-speed off-road vehicle
Colorful adhesive plasters
Mattress that cools the body
Head Phone
Russian Salad
Home Remedies for Warts
How to store skis
How to remove ink stain
Cake Napaleon recipe
Vinegret recipe
Set to generate ideas
A shop, where second-hand clothes become designer clothes
How to please men
The secret of longevity
How to get up on the right side of the bed
Who is the marriage useful for?
Ionizers. How to select an ionizer.
Japanese interior features
Feng Shui and household plants
How to be one step ahead of competitors
Website creation main stages
How to succeed while trading on eBay
Network marketing
Health-improving bed linen
Taxi with the bid for the client
Virtual window to the world
How to drill a hole in the glass
How to bend a pipe
What to do if the nut does not turn
How to prevent and treat heart diseases
Bracelets for monitoring tanning
How to close a pot of paint tightly
Sand Press
What to do if you are stung by a bee?
How to create a simple press
How to drill the wall and not to litter
A suitcase with a folding seat
How to write in the dark
Twin window mounted fan with shutter
Faucet Features I'd Like to See
How to GET a Job Instead of Finding It
Cold Gloves
Power Nap Alarm
Adjustable Measuring Spoon
Cell Phone Paradigm Shift
City block of artist condos
Photo Exhibit and Relationship Map
Art Show
Paint job
a rainy day room
Better Than Words
Form Meets Function
Peripheral Vision Highway Advertising
Mail as a means of artistic collaboration
Art capsule
Translation from Sound Poems into Speech Recognition and back
Just Frickin' Chicken
A Web Service Suite of Businesses
Independent Artist Portal
Amazon Kindle Menu
Total Immersion Restaurants
bARTer system
Intelligent Integrated Restaurant POS and Reservations
Social Website Responsibility Watch Group
Starting A Website Hosting Business
Publishing Venture
Intelligent Integrated Restaurant POS and Reservations
Food terms translation cards for convention cities
Art Rescue Organization
Custom Boxes While You Wait
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