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  Hide-a-Beds business. Provide customers a versatile, convertible piece of furniture that can help maximize their space.

  Business Overview

  In many urban areas of the country small apartments and condominiums are often the only affordable housing options for people living on a tight budget. These small residential living quarters always have one drawback: Where do overnight guests sleep? The solution: a pull-down hide-a-bed. Starting a hide-a-bed manufacturing business will enable you to capitalize on the ever-increasing consumer demand for this functional furniture product. The beds can be sold directly to consumers by placing product advertisements in local newspapers and the yellow pages, as well as constructing a hide-a-bed display, which can be setup at furniture and home and garden trade shows to generate sales leads. A potentially huge market for this product that must not be overlooked, is new homebuilders, architects, and property development companies. Securing contracts, not only to manufacture the beds for these clients, but also to install the product, can put you on the path to future financial freedom and security.
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