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Small Business Coach

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  Small Business Coach business. Inspire success in other entrepreneurs as a small business coach.

  Business Overview

  In the United States and Canada more than 800,000 businesses are started annually. Combine this with the millions of small to medium-sized businesses already operating, and I'm sure you would agree that the future looks very bright, not to mention potentially profitable, for a small business coaching service. This hot opportunity will appeal to entrepreneurs who are past or present small business owners, business managers, or corporate executives, especially those with strong marketing, administration, operations, and financial forecasting skills. Because there is a plethora of small business training schools and courses offered by nonprofit government agencies and for-profit businesses in both countries, you will be well advised to specialize in a specific industry, such as retail or manufacturing, and to offer clients a more personalized one-on-one training service as opposed to a classroom setting.

  The Market

  Small business coaches help new and existing business owners with any number of tasks, including business planning, marketing strategies, financial budgets, logistics issues, technology issues, and expansion challenges.

  Needed Equipment

  Desktop computer with internet access.
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