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WhiteBoard (A tool allowing many people to use a drawing space simultaneously).
Build Ticker (A tool for building an image graphically displaying progress towards a goal).
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The device will help reduce the danger of alcohol-infused socializing by sending an alert that will allow friends to step in if the wearer seems dangerously intoxicated. Research has long established that over-consumption of alcohol is the largest contributor to sexual assault on campuses. To help reduce those numbers, I suggest creating...
The idea is to develop a software program that will detect when an individual's mind has wandered and will send an alert to get them back on task. The system will use commercially available eye tracker technology to observe the user's eye movements and determine if they are concentrating as expected. If the system decides the user's mind...
Dr. Gibbson
An injectable, wound-filling foam could help to stabilize hard-to-tourniquet wounds for transport to a medical station. The system will be designed to staunch bleeding at the areas where the head or a limb is attached to the torso--areas notoriously difficult to tourniquet--by injecting two liquids directly and deeply into the wound. The...