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  Sport Coach Training business. More parents want their kids to succeed. And to do that they're willing to spend the extra bucks to hire a specialized coach.

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  Here is a unique business opportunity that really has big market potential as there are currently hundreds of thousand of amateur sports coaches across North America, and thousands more joining their ranks every year. The title of this opportunity may be somewhat misleading. You do not want to provide the service of training sport coaches how to be better in their particular sport; in most cases they already have a vast knowledge of the sport or they would not be coaching. But you want to teach them how to be better coaches and mentors in terms of interacting with players on the team, parents, spouses, and game and league officials. The idea is to organize, market, and conduct seminars for sport coaches with specialized management, interaction, and social responsibility themes to help train them to be better mentors and coaches. You can enlist the services of professionals, such as motivational speakers, psychologists, and management specialists to speak at the training seminars and hand out printed material on the subject they are teaching. The seminars can be marketed directly to amateur sports associations, clubs, and organizations by initiating a direct mail campaign. Objections from coaches and sports association members to the seminar training should be minimal.
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