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Patio Furniture Manufacturing

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  Patio Furniture Manufacturing business. The newest living space is outdoors. Now it's time to furnish it.

  Business Overview

  Custom-designed and manufactured cedar patio furniture is highly sought after by homeowners who enjoy comfortable and fashionable outdoor patio furniture. Launching a business venture that builds custom cedar patio furniture is a relatively inexpensive enterprise to establish. The business can be run from a garage or basement workshop and requires only minimal woodworking equipment such as a table saw, band saw, planer, basic power hand tools, and sanders. There are thousands of design plans available to assist in constructing the patio furniture, or the seasoned carpenter can certainly manufacture his/her own custom designs. The patio furniture can be sold on a wholesale basis by establishing accounts with garden centers and designers. Or, the custom patio furniture can be sold directly to consumers by marketing the products at home and garden trade shows.
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