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  Online Manufacturers Directory business. Launch an online manufacturers directory to help people find the perfect company to produce their products.

  Business Overview

  Manufacturers directories in print have served as a valuable resource tool for many corporations and small businesses for decades. Now it is your opportunity to merge old ways with high-tech solutions. Taking manufacturers directories into cyberspace is relatively easy to accomplish. Start by selecting a segment of the industry you want to concentrate on, like machined fasteners or fabric. Next, design the site into various categories or sections representing manufacturers products, businesses seeking manufactured goods, and agents seeking to represent manufacturers. Once the site has been developed you can go about marketing the listing service. Typically, manufacturers that list with this type of service pay a monthly or annual fee and receive a listing on the site linked to a promotional pop-up page or hyperlink to their site if applicable. Remember, manufacturers will only pay for this service if it is of value to them, meaning that exposure on the site ultimately must result in increased or new sales. So be sure to aim marketing efforts at those who will purchase the type of manufactured goods featured on the site.
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