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  Web Site Directories in Print business.

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  Thousands of companies, associations, individuals, agencies, and organization go online and post new Web sites on the Internet daily, adding to the millions of Web sites that are already vying for cyberspace supremacy. Even with the assistance of Internet search engines, key word searches, and hyperlinks, the Internet can still be a very confusing, and a frustrating tool for researching or locating information. Herein lies the business opportunity. Create a monthly Web site directory publication that features useful and practical information such as Web addresses and the type of information contained within the Web site. The publication can be divided into various categories such as sports, business, health, and entertainment for quick reference purposes. Furthermore, the monthly publication can be distributed locally or nationally with the assistance of a newspaper distribution service. Selling the publication to consumers as well as charging a fee to be listed in the publication could earn revenues.
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