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Custom Collar And Leash Manufacturing

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  Custom Collar And   Leash Manufacturing business.

  Business Overview

  Government statistics estimate that there are more than 30 million domesticated household pets in North America, and while I could not get a clear number on how many dogs there are, I would assume a safe estimate would have to be at least ten million. Providing, my estimate is relatively accurate, and assuming the average dog lives to be 12 years old and requires at least two collars and leashes over its life span, then some quick math will tell you there must be somewhere in the neighborhood of one to two million dog collars and leashes sold each year in North America. Starting a business that manufactures and sells custom dog collars and leashes could prove to be a very profitable business venture to get rolling. The only requirement to set this enterprise in motion is a sewing machine and the ability to sew. Nylon webbing, leather, and the required collar and leash hardware can all be purchased on a wholesale basis. The next step is to simply design the collars and leashes and begin to manufacture and market your products. While the potential to get rich from this type of business is not great, there should be no problem establishing a very lucrative part-time income that, with some clever promotional ideas applied, could even be turned into a full-time and very profitable homebased business.
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