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Theme Bunk Beds

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  Theme Bunk Beds business. Kids seem to sleep better inside a racecar or firetruck. Go ahead, help them catch their Zs.

  Business Overview

  Bunk beds are extremely easy to design and build, and right now children's theme bunk beds are hot sellers. The key to success in this type of manufacturing business is to choose the right theme and make the beds unique and colorful. Theme bunk beds can be manufactured to resemble race cars, space ships, treehouses, or just about any other popular theme that sparks the imagination of children and gets parents to open their wallets. The theme bunk beds can be sold to furniture retailers and children's retail stores on a wholesale basis. Or, the finished product can be sold directly to parents via traditional advertising mediums, Internet malls, and product display and demonstration booths at home and garden trade shows.
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