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Singles with Children Theme Restaurant

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  Dating for single people with children is a real hassle. Making arrangements for the children loads the situation with too much, "it cost too much and I hardly know her." And going out on a date is awfully interesting to the inquiring minds of children. "Going slow" means that you want dates at the begining to be free of too many commitments too.
  What I have in mind is an activity space where adults can meet and bring the kids too. So there needs to be a range of activities for kids of various ages so that the parents can be smoose. The roller rink in town where I went to college hit it about right with "adults free with kids' every Saturday mornings before noon. The kids skated while the adults conversed over coffee and breakfast at the snack bar.
  I'd call the place "Oh Donna's" after a single friend of mine.
John Powers
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