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No Corkscrew Wine Cork

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  This 2 piece synthetic cork eliminates the need for a corkscrew. Just pop the tapered center cork down with the palm of your hand and the outer cork shrinks to the center cork releasing the entire cork assembly allowing easy slip-fit removal. The prototype works perfectly. Full cross section animation available but too large for a forum. I got this idea after watching the female bartender make repeated trips to the managers office to get him to remove wine corks.
  The down side: When we took it to the worlds third largest wine cork manufacturer, we found out that it would take at least five years of very expensive testing before a wine manufacturer would trust his $100 bottle of wine to a new 8 cent cork. We definately didn't do our homework on this one like we should have -- live and learn I guess. The provisional patent will expire soon and we have no intention of upgrading to the full patent so,.. we Triple-Dog-Dare anyone to make it happen (royalty free!).
Michael D. Grissom
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