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Boat Lettering

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  Boat Lettering business.

  Business Overview

  Here is a fantastic little money making opportunity for entrepreneurs with a computer, design software, and a creative imagination. There are thousands of pleasure boats in the United States, and all have call numbers and signs indicating the name of the boat. However, a quick trip to your local marina quickly reveals that the sun and water take its toll. It is common is to see faded and peeling paint and vinyl letters. Here's where your computer and design skills can make you money. Simply design a few sample boat signs featuring great graphics, print them out on paper, and start to show your handy work to boat owners at local marinas. You can sketch out quick ideas for new signage for their boats while on site and return in a day or two with the finished product printed on paper. Once you get the go ahead simply take the digital file with the sign design to a sign shop that specializes in making vinyl peel and stick-on signs and return to the marina to install the new sign for your client. Remember, it costs nothing for the boat owner to find out how good a new sign can look, so you will get little objection to the first step of the process. Providing the sign you design is visually appealing, you will also get little objection from the boat owner when you return to close the sale. Boats are expensive to buy and maintain and very few owners would let $100 stand in their way in terms of improving their boat's appearance.
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