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Mobile Cats' Ears For Cat Owners

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  All owners would love to communicate better with their pets, but all of us have our physical shortcomings. Cats can't talk, and humans lack the expressive ears and tail movements used by cats to show their moods. I'm told that to horses, humans appear permanently aggressive because our ears "aren't sticking up in a friendly manner". Similarly, your cat must gaze at your "ear-less" face, wondering what on earth you're thinking.
  Large, artificial cats' ears can be fitted to the owner's head. These should be capable of being raised/lowered and rotated in both directions. The budget version uses pull cords and circular springs, but nowadays most people can afford the remote-controlled motorized model. Beginners use "lock" mode, whereas independent left-ear/right-ear movements are favoured by experienced users (and their cats). And why not mobile tails, too? My hunch is that they would work just as well if you attached them conveniently to the top of your head.
  This invention encourages people to pay attention to their pets and really try to understand them. Vets and lion-tamers might also find them a life-saver.
Sylfest Muldal
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