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Full Light Range Cameras

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  All cameras have a limited amount of defintion, clarity, and details in images, due to the fact that definition in different light ranges disappear when in bright or dim light. In dim light all bright definition is lost and in bright light you can't see any defintion in the dark areas. I propose that we create cameras (still or movie) that can capture all definition, clarity, and details in all light ranges and conditions (dark, mid-range, and bright). This would beat plasma screens in resolution and even beat the details picked up and captured by the human eye even with the best vision.
  This full light range capture is easy to produce. All cameras are now computerized with Charged Coupled Devices (computer chips) to capture light, details, resolution, clarity, and details instead of mechanical parts of the older type cameras of the past but, the image is captured by only one chip. If we add three of these CCD chips (one for each light range) then we cature the entire image instead of just one light range. Right now your most current technologically advanced cameras capture one range at a time. I did research with camera companies and they are only working on resolution and not light ranges. In other words they are not addressing this issue directly.
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