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Sandwich Delivery Route

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  Sandwich Delivery Route business.

  Business Overview

  If you are searching for a very inexpensive business to start in the food industry that has the potential to generate $1,000 per week or more in combined income and profits, then look no further than starting a sandwich delivery route. Ideally, a sandwich route will be established in an office district or industrial district of a city or community, enabling the business to capitalize on sheer volume of people working in these areas. In terms of operating the business, it is as easy as establishing a working relationship with a catering service or restaurant to supply the sandwiches and salads on a wholesale basis, while building a customer base to purchase the lunch meals. Design a menu featuring all the sandwich and salad items available and distribute the menu to office buildings and factories. Customers would simply place their lunch orders in the morning or the day before. Additionally, lunch orders could be placed by way of fax, telephone, or e-mail and of course delivery would always be free.
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