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Sign Maintenance Service

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  Sign Maintenance Service business.

  Business Overview

  Look around, signs are everywhere and each one can represent money in your pocket. You can start a sign maintenance service on a relatively small capital investment, and manage the business right from a home office location. All signs require maintenance: light bulbs have to be changed, columns and support posts have to be repainted occasionally, and the signs have to be cleaned. Sign maintenance is most profitable when established on a monthly service contract basis. Clients pay a monthly fee in exchange for ongoing and automatic monthly sign maintenance. The monthly charge for maintenance will be as varied as the signs. New signs can range from $500 to $250,000 to purchase, which means there are no set rates; each individual sign must be priced on its own maintenance requirements. The equipment required for this business venture includes ladders, basic power tools, and a bucket-lift truck, all of which can be purchased secondhand for a fraction of the new cost. Market the service by establishing alliances with sign makers to work on a subcontract basis carrying out sign maintenance for their clients. Also simply create promotional brochures describing your service and distribute the information to commercial property management companies and to business owners with signage that must be maintained. Additional revenues can also be earned by purchasing mobile and inflatable signs that can be rented to business owners wanting to promote sales or special events for their business.
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