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Bad roads

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  Potholes and patches are a nuisance to commuters, they damage cars and cost the government lots of money to repair. Repair works is also time consuming. My idea is for covering these potholes and bad roads with temporary substitutes such as a matting made of skid proof hard rubber which can be made up of small units for the various sizes and attached like peices of Lego. They can be square or hexagonal and easily attachable/detached. They make surfaces even for small patches. Less manpower and costs. Better for commuters. Rubber can also take the shape of the road. Other benefits are to cover drains or any openings. Let me know what you people think of this idea. It's raining heavily here and the potholes and traffic drives me absolutely mad. The civic authorities haven't repaired the roads in the last 10 months. Does it really take that long???
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