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Rental dresses for pregnant women

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    Pregnancy is the most important period in the life of women. Pregnancy and birth of a child change lives forever. But at this moment women face many problems: toxicosis, weakness, swelling and excess weight. There are a lot of forums and articles in the Internet with advice how not to gain too much weight during pregnancy and lose weight quickly after childbirth. Pregnancy and weight loss are the most beneficial topics not only for women's forums, but also for business.
    Rentmaternitywear is a company which rents out dresses for pregnant women. The idea of this simple business is quite clear: it is unreasonable for women, who gain a couple of extra pounds during pregnancy, to buy dresses that they will wear only a few times. It is much cheaper to rent a dress.
    Rental price varies from $ 35 to $ 70 depending on time and quality of dresses. A dress for a week costs $ 35, $ 50 - for two weeks; $ 60 is a week rent price for a new dress.
    There are also more expensive dresses (from $ 69 to $ 109) for well-to-do clients, who attend the charity auction, performances and film premieres, cocktail parties and wedding ceremonies. Generally, all dresses from Rentmaternitywear collections are from leading manufacturers, they are very fashionable and of high quality.
    The rental procedure at Rentmaternitywear is standard: you choose a dress, reserve it, pay a rent and wait for the order at home. The chosen dress is delivered to your home by a certain date by FedEx courier.
    By the way, the dress can be returned within 48 hours absolutely free of charge in case it doesn't fit or you simply don't like it.
    You don't need to wash or clean the dress before returning it. It is even OK if there are a couple of very small damages such as unripped seams, etc.
    It is allowed to rent no more than 4 units at once: 2 dresses and 2 accessories. Rental dresses for pregnant are extremely popular with customers who are able to get an expensive brand dress at a very reasonable price and save money.
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