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Do-It-Yourself Woodworking Shop

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  Do-It-Yourself Woodworking Shop business.

  Business Overview

  A do-it-yourself woodworking shop is a fully equipped woodworking shop that customers rent on an hourly basis to complete personal woodworking projects. This type of business is ideally suited to be located in a densely populated urban center where most people do not have access to a home workshop. The business can be marketed to potential clients by initiating a direct-mail campaign and by distributing promotional fliers and discount coupons throughout the community. Approaching organizations and associations like sports clubs, retired persons organizations, and other community groups and offering their members group discounts can also be a fantastic way to market the business. While this type of new business venture is very easy to start, additional business requirements that are of critical importance will include acquiring general business and liability insurance as well as installing on-site safety and first-aid equipment.
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