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  Power Washing Service business.

  Business Overview

  Establishing and operating a power washing service is an outstanding business opportunity to set in motion. There are many benefits for the person who is considering a power washing service as a new business enterprise, including low initial investment, proven consumer demand, and no inventory to warehouse. There are literally hundreds of items that can be cleaned using power-washing equipment, and to get you thinking, the following are a few suggestions:
  *. Driveways
  *. Recreational vehicles
  *. Mobile homes
  *. Signs
  *. Awnings
  *. Headstones
  *. Cars
  *. Boats
  *. Decks and patios
  *. Construction equipment
  *. Metal roofs
  *. Bricks and siding
  *. Outdoor furniture  The key to success will lie in your ability to secure repeat customers. It costs 100 times as much to find 100 clients, as opposed to finding one client who uses your service 100 times. Focusing marketing efforts on companies and individuals that could become regular customers is the best approach, and potential repeat customers could include the following:
  *. Construction companies. Power washing heavy equipment on a regular basis.
  *. Cemeteries. Power washing headstones yearly.
  *. Retail stores. Power washing signs and awnings three or four times per year.
  *. Boat dealers. Power washing their land displayed boats monthly.
  *. Trucking firms. Power washing fleets on a weekly or biweekly basis.
  *. Residential and commercial property management companies. Power washing underground parking lots, decks, driveways, and patios on an annual basis for their clients.
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