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  Housesitting Service business.

  Business Overview

  Students, bachelors, and single seniors are all ideal candidates to start a housesitting service. Millions of North Americans go on business and pleasure holidays each year, often departing with an uneasy feeling that their unoccupied homes are prime targets for potential disasters, like burglaries and fires. To get work, simply build alliances with travel agents who can refer or recommend your housesitting service to their travel clients. Be sure to compile a reference list to hand out to potential clients, as well as having yourself bonded as an extra precaution, to give clients the peace of mind of knowing their homes are well taken care of in their absence. Currently, housesitting rates are in the range of $15 to $25 per day and can go higher if there are also pets to look after. While a housesitting service will not make you rich, it can create a few hundred extra dollars each month.
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