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Camping Equipment Rentals

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  Camping Equipment Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  Camping is hugely popular in North America as a recreational pastime. However, there is only one drawback to this splendid outdoor family activity. Many families cannot afford to purchase the required equipment to go camping, especially if they are only going to use the camping equipment once or twice a year. This factual scenario creates a great opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs to start a camping equipment rental business, and fill a large market demand that can line your pockets with profits.
  start-up costs: For the purpose of projecting business start-up costs, assume that your new camping gear rental business can supply enough camping equipment for ten families with four family members. The investment would be as follows:
Sleeping tent / 2 / $200 / $400
Sleeping bags / 4 / $150 / $600
Portable stove / 1 / $100 / $100
Food coolers / 2 / $100 / $200
Miscellaneous items /  $200
Total package cost /  $1,500
Total start-up cost to outfit 10 families $15,000  Additional capital will also be required for marketing and promotional purposes. In total a camping supply rental business can easily be started for less than a $20,000 investment.
  profit potential: The camping equipment package should rent for 10 percent of the package value per week, or for this example $150. You will be renting single items or multiple items throughout the year. A camping supply rental business can generate profits of $20,000 per year on a part-time basis.
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