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  Party Supply Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  The profits that can be earned by operating a party supply rental company are enough to make anybody celebrate. Parties, special events, and social functions all require certain equipment and supplies in order to comfortably accommodate the people in attendance. Tables, chairs, and banners are just a few of these required party items. There are two types of party supply rental services. First, you establish a fixed location for your party rental supply business and open your doors to the general public. The second and less expensive option is to operate the business from home and deal with only industry professionals, such as caterers, wedding planners, corporate event planners, and children's birthday party services.
  start-up costs: The terms of capital required to start a party rental supply service are as follows: Option number one will cost approximately $30,000 to start, including the rental inventory and establishing the business from a fixed storefront location. The homebased option catering exclusively to professionals within the event planning industry will cost substantially less to start, in the neighborhood of $10,000.
  profit potential: Like many rental businesses, once the equipment is paid for, the vast majority of rental revenue will be profit. Profit potential range is $10,000+ per year part-time and $25,000+ per year full-time.
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