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  Event and Party Planner business. If you have a knack for planning and parties, this could be the biz for you.

  Business Overview

  If you love to plan and host parties and special events, then starting an event and party planning service will be right up your alley. Event and party planners share common personality traits; they are detail-oriented, well-organized, good communicators and very creative. In a nutshell, event and party planners are responsible for organizing and hosting special events such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and award ceremonies for their clients. Duties can include creating and sending out invitations, selecting event locations, decorations, arranging for entertainers and speakers, selecting caterers and menus and just about everything else that is required to pull a special event together and put it on without a hitch, including arranging to get everything cleaned up after all the guests have left. Networking, networking and more networking will be your main marketing tool for attracting and keeping new business, peppered liberally with advertising in newspapers, the Yellow Pages and direct-mail fliers. You will also need to build a reliable team of contractors; businesses and individuals who you can call on and rely on to supply products and services required for hosting events on time and on budget. The more reliable your team is, the more successful and profitable your event and party planning service will be.

  The Market

  Businesses and individuals who are planning special occasions and events.
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