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Battery powered WI/FI HDD in a fireproof box

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  Let's face it, if your like me one of your most prised possesions is the contents of your computer. It would be nice to have all that data stored in a fire proof box. It could be called "The Black Box".
If anything happened, or even if your computer was stolen; everything would be protected. 120 GB would be nice.
  Plus a softwear package that would (how should I say this) Officalize offical documents would be nice. That way you could re-print offical documents.
  Plus make sure it is water tight. So it floats. Or make it sinkable and throw it in your septic tank. No one will steal it then. But then again you will never replace your batteries.
  Or make it solar power, Microwave transmitable, with a GPS locator, ship it to NASA, and have them throw it out to
SPACE. I think that's safe.
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