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  What Happened..? Writer business.

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  What happened in your city or community 10, 20, or even 100 years ago? Was bread selling for five cents a loaf, or the first house with indoor plumbing being constructed? Community-minded people love to read about how their community functioned in the past and what the news headline stories of the day were. News and information that happened in the past can generally be uncovered with a little bit of research. Hit the library, museum archives, and start talking to local old-timers as methods for seeking our 'what happened' information. This information can be compiled into articles and submitted to your local newspaper for publishing. Or you can develop an entire book from the stories and information you have collected. Do not overlook the possibility of publishing your own 'what happened' monthly newspaper. The paper could be distributed free of charge throughout the community and supported by selling advertising space to local merchants.
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