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  Nail Studio business.

  Business Overview

  There are various approaches that can be taken when considering starting a nail salon. These include:
  *. An independent nail salon can be established in a fixed retail location like a small storefront or a mall kiosk.
  *. The salon can be partnered with an existing business such as a hair salon or day spa.
  *. The business can be established as a mobile nail salon whereas you travel to your client's homes or offices.
  Providing you already possess the proper credentials and experience to start this type of business venture, all three approaches to starting and establishing the business are viable. The best of the three is to partner with an existing related business, as you can minimize start-up costs and share monthly operating costs. Likewise, partnering with an established business allows you to take advantage of the client base. Once established, a nail salon can generate profits in the range of $40,000 per year.
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