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Removable Tattos

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  Removable Tattos business.

  Business Overview

  Here is a great business venture that can keep you busy earning money on weekends and evenings. Starting a removable tattoo business is economical in terms of needed start-up capital, and does not necessitate any special skills or equipment. The business is best suited to be set up on a mobile or portable basis via your own kiosk, tent, or cart. The kiosk can be located in malls on weekends or outdoors during any community event. Furthermore, partnering the business with a tourist attraction can be a fantastic way to create instant sales using the tourist customer base. In terms of profit potential for this kind of unique business venture, that will vary greatly depending on the business location and product markup. However, there should be no difficulties in earning $200 per day on a busy weekend, and even more if you are located in a busy tourist area or mall.
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