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Boat Delivery Service

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  Boat Delivery Service business.

  Business Overview

  So you're a salty sea dog from way back, are you? Then why not put this experience to work for you and start your own boat delivery service? Depending on your experience you can specialize in sailboat or powerboat delivery. Many boats are sold to novice and inexperienced boaters who are from outside the area in which the boat was purchased. Utilizing your boating and navigational skills means you can deliver these boats to their homeport for the new owners. Additionally, many boat owners in northern climates like to move their boats to sunny southern climates for use in the winter months. Sailing or powering larger boats to a new temporary homeport is much cheaper than transporting the boats by land. Get started by marketing your boat delivery service to local marinas and boat retailers, as well as by joining boating associations to network for business. The business can be initiated for a very small investment, and return a comfortable living in terms of income. Additional revenue can be generated for this business venture by selling and installing electronics and general marine equipment, as well as by offering a rigging service for sailboat owners and a boat cleaning service for all boat owners.
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