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Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

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  Dry Cleaning Delivery Service business.

  Business Overview

  Today's lifestyles are hectic and busy with not enough time for simple tasks like dropping off and picking up dry cleaning. That is exactly what you want to hear if you are considering starting your own dry cleaning delivery service. This business is great. Low investment, high potential earnings, little competition, and very low operating overheads. To get started simply build an alliance with an existing commercial dry cleaner and negotiate the lowest possible per item dry cleaning rates that you can. Once you have accomplished this task, you can then create your own marketing brochure and price list reflecting a 100 percent markup on your wholesale dry cleaning cost. The next phase of establishing the business is to solicit clients. This is best achieved by distributing marketing brochures where they will have the highest impact, such as professional offices, companies with uniforms, and government and nonprofit associations. I interviewed one such business owner who in a 12-month period added three subcontract delivery persons and increased total sales volumes to more than $100,000 per month by following this very basic formula for his dry cleaning delivery service.
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