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  Online Venture Capital Forum business. Help investment-seekers from far and wide with an online VC resource.

  Business Overview

  With more than 700,000 new business ventures being started every year in the United States, developing an online venture capital or 'angel' forum has the potential to make you rich. A very healthy percentage of these 700,000 new business ventures require money to make them work, and securing financing to start or expand a business is one of the largest challenges facing any entrepreneur. That is what makes this online venture so exciting. This type of site could feature information and services including:
  *. A classified advertisement section featuring advertisements posted by entrepreneurs seeking business financing and lenders or venture capitalists seeking projects.
  *. A 'pitch a plan' section that entrepreneurs could use to pitch a business plan or opportunity in digital video format.
  *. Tips and information about business financing topics submitted by successful business owners and venture capitalist financial gurus alike.
  *. A business for sale and business opportunity section.
  The options are unlimited and ways to generate revenues and profits from this type of online venture are also unlimited. Like any Internet enterprise, the key to success lies within attracting visitors to the site to take advantage of and use the information and services provided within.
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