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  Online Newsletter business. With low startup costs, creating e-newsletters for businesses is a great way to showcase your writing and design talents.

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  Like printed newsletters, many companies that produce a monthly e-newsletter have good initial intentions, but reality soon sets in and time factors take a toll in terms of getting the e-newsletter to customers on time. Once again, this fact creates a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on by starting your own homebased business specializing in creating e-newsletters. The hard part will be signing on new clients and developing a standard format for their first e-newsletter, but after that it is all straightforward. Maintaining a client's newsletter should require no more than about six to ten hours of work per month. Aim to secure 15 regular customers paying a mere $200 each per month for the service and you can generate an income in excess of $35,000 per year. Also be sure not to limit your potential market and include print newsletter services as well as electronic. The two combined have the ability to earn you six-figures annually.
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