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  Company Newsletters business. Companies don't always have the in-house resources to produce their own newsletters. That's where you come in.

  Business Overview

  Designing and printing newsletters for companies, salespeople and stockbrokers is a fantastic low-investment business startup that can generate a great income. Monthly newsletters are a terrific way for salespeople and business owners to stay in contact with clients, promote monthly specials and help secure new business. Most businesspeople realize that creating a monthly newsletter and distributing it to valued clients is a very inexpensive and powerful marketing tool for their business. However, very few companies and salespeople use newsletters, and those who do often struggle to get the newsletter out on time, if at all. Many business owners simply don't have the skills, equipment or time to create an effective newsletter. These facts are the reason why starting a business designing, producing and distributing newsletters for business clients is such a fabulous business enterprise to start. To succeed in this type of venture you'll need the following:
*. Creative ability, as well as the ability to use desktop publishing software  
*. Strong marketing and presentation skills
*. A well-equipped home office
*. Clients.
The first three requirements are easy to acquire or learn. However, it is the fourth requirement that is the most important -- without clients there is no business. To secure business, simply predesign newsletters featuring local companies, then set up presentation meetings at these companies to explain the values and benefits of your newsletter service.
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