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  Nonslip Surfaces business.

  Business Overview

  Thousands of people are injured each year in North America as a result of falling due to a slippery floor surface. This is fact, and starting a business that supplies and installs floor and surface coating can not only prevent a great number of these accidents, it can also make you rich. Trying to manufacture, invent, or produce your own antislip products and coatings is not the best approach to this business start-up as it will cost thousands of dollars in research and development. Instead, locate a manufacturer of these products and coatings and become their exclusive representative in your community, state, or even country. Not only will this arrangement enable you to devote time solely to marketing products, it will also cost you a lot less investment capital to get the business rolling.
  To find and source manufacturers of these types of products simply enlist the services of the Internet for research purposes or use one of the various manufacturer directories that are available to find a manufacturing source. Once a distribution agreement is in place with a manufacturer, you can begin to market and install the antislip products and coatings.
  Potential customers will include all commercial and residential building owners and, more specifically, those who have the most to lose by a resulting accident at their place of business. Any product that can be effectively used to reduce potential liabilities resulting from a fall at a business place is the perfect product to be sold on a 'safety precaution' basis, which is always a good business practice to pursue. Or like they say in the life insurance business, 'If you do not already have this product (life insurance) it may already be too late.' One of the benefits of becoming an authorized distributor and installer of a product or products on an exclusive basis is that it allows you the potential for larger markups to be placed on the product for retail sales purposes, especially if the product performs well.
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