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Mobile Car Wash

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  Mobile Car Wash business.

  Business Overview

  The following are five excellent reasons why you should start a mobile car wash service:
  1. A mobile car wash business can be started on a modest investment of less than $10,000.
  2. A mobile car wash business can produce potential profits in excess of $60,000 per year.
  3. Starting and operating a mobile car wash requires no special skills, and there are no legal regulations or restrictions. Everyone with a valid driver's license qualifies.
  4. A mobile car wash business can be managed from a homebased office and operated full- or part-time with flexible business hours, no inventory, no staff, and low monthly overheads.
  5. The demand is enormous; there are more than 130,000,000 vehicles registered in the United States.
  A mobile car wash business is perfectly suited for the entrepreneur who is seeking a simple, profitable and low-investment business opportunity. The business only requires basic equipment and can be operated from a van, truck, or enclosed trailer. To market the business and gain clients, all traditional forms of advertising and promotion can be utilized. However, the real target market for this type of service is to establish monthly car and truck washing and cleaning accounts with companies, organizations, and government agencies who have a fleet of automobiles. Securing only ten monthly car washing accounts can produce a yearly income of $60,000, providing each client has 20 cars or trucks in their fleet.
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