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Indoor Environmental Testing

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  Indoor Environmental Testing business.

  Business Overview

  The air you breathe at home and work could prove deadly. As sobering as this statement is, there is truth to these words as more and more cases of indoor environmental toxic poisoning are reported each year. Getting started in the indoor environmental testing industry will mean an investment of time and money on your behalf to become a certified technician, or as known in the industry, a Certified Indoor Environmentalist. The Indoor Air Quality Association offers certification training and the basic course requires approximately one week to complete, costing in the range of $1,000. The association also offers further courses designed to certify technicians with more specific training and testing procedures in various environmental toxins.
  Additional start-up costs will include equipment purchases, marketing and advertising budgets, transportation, and licensing. However, as a method to keep start-up costs to a minimum, once the certification process is complete you can subcontract your services to an existing indoor environmental testing company that requires technicians to service their clients using their equipment. Marketing the service can be accomplished by initiating a direct mail campaign, building alliances with commercial and residential property managers, and seeking government contracts to carry out air quality testing in government-operated buildings and institutions. Fees greatly vary depending on the testing that is being conducted, but the starting rate is equivalent to $30 per hour and can go as high as $100 per hour.
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