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Mobile Dog Wash Service

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  Mobile Dog Wash Service business.

  Business Overview

  The purchase of a secondhand van or enclosed trailer is the first step toward starting a mobile dog wash service. You will have to outfit the truck or trailer with a water tank and some other basic equipment such as a hose and brushes. You can market a mobile dog wash service by creating promotional fliers and placing the fliers on display at pet retailers, vets, and the local SPCA. This type of unique service should be established in a densely populated urban center where many people live in apartments and condominiums, simply because these people that own dogs are your main target market. Like many pet services, word-of-mouth referrals will become your main marketing tool so be sure that a quality service is what you are providing. Also seek to build an alliance with a local charity, as they can host monthly dog washes as a method to generate revenues for the charity and you can provide the service for a 50 percent split of revenues generated.
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