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  Doggie Wash business.

  Business Overview

  When I think of a doggie wash, visions of Dana, my 90-pound Rottweiler, soaking wet, shaking like mad, and on the run in my home jump to mind. Dog owners like myself share a common dilemma, when it's time for the dog to have a bath, where do you bathe the dog? This dog-bathing problem is magnified if you live in an apartment or condo. The solution is a doggie bathhouse, and starting one of these businesses in your community can put you on the road to financial independence. The business is similar to a coin-operated car wash, except instead of washing the car, you wash your dog. The business can be established in a retail store location of approximately 800 square feet, which would allow for the installation of at least four dog washing booths and a small retail area at the front for product sales. A quick-start marketing method is to distribute free dog wash coupons throughout the community, as this method of promotion can be excellent for letting potential clients know where you are located as well as introducing them to your very unique business.
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