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Ultra-Light Aircraft

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  I called it the Creative Minds X1 and started designing it using a computer 3D Design Tool.
  The original idea was for an ultra light aircraft powered by a very small and relatively cheap engine such as a motorcycle engine or (as many suggested) a big chainsaw engine.
  I wanted the wings to be foldable/detachable so that it could fit onto a large trailer. I wanted the bodywork to be made mostly of moulded plastics, this turned out to be an extreamly expensive task. Sheet aluminium is probably a better idea.
  Im posting it here simply because it might inspire somebody who has the money, the talent, the will - to go and try it. I believe I had the talent, and the will. I didnt have the money, the space or the contacts.
  If you have any questions concerning original measurement ideas etc - please feel free to ask!
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