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  Online Lotteries business. Let lottery players know what's going on with lotteries around the globe.

  Business Overview

  There are an estimated one billion regular lottery players worldwide. Thus, developing a Web site that features and provides site visitors with news and information pertaining to lotteries from around the globe could prove not only to be an interesting enterprise to activate, but also a profitable one. Information and services featured could include lottery games available in various countries, contact information about how to purchase tickets, an 'electronic winning numbers forecaster,' and stories about hitting it big provided by visitors. Income and profits can be earned by renting advertising space and banner ads as well as selling lottery-related products. Where allowable by law, the site could even become ticket resellers. Be sure to research all legal aspects prior to posting this type of Web site to the Internet as your research could potentially unearth a legal headache that could develop down the line.
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