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  Online Community Web Site business. Bring people with the same interest together online.

  Business Overview

  Not all small business owners can afford to develop and maintain an independent Web site. Thus a fantastic opportunity exists for the cybersavvy Web master to capitalize by establishing, promoting, and maintaining a community Web site in your area. The site would feature and promote local merchants and service providers within a specific geographic area. Instead of 50 business owners paying thousands of dollars to develop 50 independent Web sites, they can be pooled together into one community Web site and pay only a small monthly maintenance fee for the service. The site would have to be indexed or categorized to represent the businesses featured on the site. Each business owner would receive a listing that could be linked to an individual pop-up page to promote his or her business, products, and services. Additionally you could also provide customers with a coupon page option. Promoting the Web site within the community it serves can be accomplished by advertising the domain in local newspapers as well as creating signs that promote the site and are displayed at participating merchants' stores. Fifty merchants paying only $100 each per month to participate in the community Web site will create annually revenues of $60,000.
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