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  Online Campus Web Site business. Give an added information boost to college students with an alternate campus website.

  Business Overview

  Most universities and colleges have official websites, but that certainly does not mean there isn't room for another. To be better than a competitor in cyberspace means a few things, such as providing visitors with more useful information and services, promoting the site in unique ways to generate interest and traffic, and maintaining the site regularly to ensure repeat visits. The starting point is research. Go online and see what local university or college site is lacking or what could be improved on. Are there services such as student housing listings, classified advertising space, free e-mail, up-to-date news and articles about life on campus? Conduct survey to see exactly what features and information students want on a website. Basically, go to the source and ask. Of course, the better the site and the more visitors you get the more you will be able to charge local merchants and service providers for advertising.
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