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  Online All For Cats Web Site business.

  Business Overview

  As mentioned earlier in this chapter, you can create an online portal to bring dogs lovers together with merchandisers of dog-related products as well as service providers that specialize in providing services for dogs. Well, you can also create the same online portal for cat lovers.
  Once again this type of 'mega site for cats' will have to be indexed by types of products, types of services, and geographic area. Income is earned by charging retailers and service providers an annual fee for being featured on the Web site. In addition to a bold index listing, each client should receive a linked pop-up page within the Web site that they can customize to best promote their specific products and services. Make the site attractive for visitors by adding interesting cat content such as polls that let visitors vote for the best breed of cat and a veterinarian corner that can be established as an 'ask the expert' talk-back line.
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