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Disc Jockey Service

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  Disc Jockey Service business. Bring a reception or other celebration to life by supplying the music.

  Business Overview

  One of the best part-time entertainment businesses that can be started is a disc jockey service, as not only are disc jockey services in high demand, but the business can also be initiated on less than a $10,000 investment and the monthly operating overheads are virtually nonexistent. There are basically four ingredients required to start and operate a successful disc jockey service:
  1. An excellent and varied music selection.
  2. Suitable DJ equipment and reliable transportation.
  3. A talent for public speaking and an outgoing personality.
  4. Good marketing skills. Potential clients for a disc jockey service can include event planners, wedding planners, tour operators, nightclub owners, and the individual consumer seeking to secure disc jockey services for a celebration or event. Potential income range is $200 to $400 per night.
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