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Tires of Worn Out Shoes

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  My idea involves the use of the countless number of worn out tires.
Imagine using tires to make shoes.
-First you would need a machine to break down the tires and pulverize them almost to a powder.
-Next you would need to mix this material with a resin so it can be heated, formed and become a solid mass.
-This mixture of rubber and resin could then be heated in a mold. The mold would have the shape of treads on the bottom, and be about a half inch high. Also it would be made in several different sizes to accomodate foot sizes.
-The formed sole would be cooled, then attached to the upper portion of the shoe.
-There is a lot of tires out there in the world and a lot of feet to cover. I believe the durability would be amazing as people don't walk have as far as a tire has to drive.
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